JSalloum on Mon, 15 Apr 96 19:09 MDT

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nettime: hypergarbage.. hyperbole..

Dear Hyperpeople, 

I've been on this list since it started and would like to add some (IMHO)
thoughts about its beginning, its use and its potential.  I concur with what
KK wrote yesterday and find that the postings usually waver between the
annoying, the predictable and the useless.   My comments are not intended to
just be a negative voice out of the void but with the hope that the list will
eventually develop into something worth participating in and using.
 Something based out of a slightly different constituency than the other
lists of cultural producers that are out there.  There are some good lists
out there with similar intentions (i.e. nettime, rhizome..) and these usually
function well because the spamish banter and useless chat is usually edited

I find the name of this list offensive, both parts of it.  Why emulate  or
try to reproduce some Eurocentric notion (albeit virtual) of a 'nation', this
really doesn't connote a diverse sense of community or the communal but
carries the sense of the authoritative structures of a race-based division,
one that  oppressive nationalisms are built on.  Many of us are struggling
against this paradigm and the reiteration of it suggests another hierarchical
positioning in the making.  Liberating and stagnant nationalisms are also
built on this but many of these shift to an exclusive/inclusive ideology at
some point in their history.  If we are intending to be a more diverse
grouping of paricipatory readers and users then a different model might be

The Hyper part of the name really bugs me as well.  Why again cater to the
superficial commercialized aspects of the nomenclature, any contact on this
level seems like an implied superficiality, as in hyperbole, as if a lot of
our problems are not due to the speed, exaggeration and lack of consideration
many of our actions on a global and personal manner are carried out in.  By
using the Hyper label we are attaching ourselves to the worst tendencies of
net activity, the effacement of personal contact, the erasure of difference
and substantive meaning. 

And lastly as we saw again today, why are you using the listserve for
personal messages?  If people can receive the list then surely you could
avoid us the waste of reading/deleting these messages and you could send them
directly to those persons.

I hope that this list can improve and formulate itself in a more interesting
way.  I know there are many folks out there on this list that I would enjoy
hearing from but I think all the chatter and uni-linear messages filter us


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