David Mandl on Sun, 21 Apr 96 16:39 MDT

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Re: nettime: Autonomedia?

At 4:57 PM 4/21/96, Ian Andrews wrote:
>Does Autonomedia have a web Page?

No, not yet.  Various people are working or allegedly working on it,
including me, though I've mostly been putting it off cause I haven't had
the time.  Anyone who wants to help is encouraged to get in touch with me.

>If so does, anyone know what the URL is?

The closest thing may be my home page, because I'm the only Autonomedioid
on the web at this point.  But it really doesn't have much to do with
Autonomedia per se; that was mainly a sneaky way to plug my page.

There's a big new Autonomedia (paper) catalog in the works, and when it's
ready I'm going to try to put it out on the web somewhere.  Should be
pretty soon.


Dave Mandl

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