David Mandl on Mon, 22 Apr 96 13:46 MDT

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Re: nettime: Autonomedia?

At 11:15 AM 4/22/96, Jack Jansen wrote:
>Recently, Ian Andrews <iana@cream.ebom.com.au> said:
>> Does Autonomedia have a web Page?
>I have only an email address for them,
><uc006@freenet.victoria.bc.ca>. If you find a web page I'd be
>interested in hearing it.

That's not us ("us" is the Autonomedia based in NYC and affiliated with
Semiotext(e), which is who I assume Ian was asking about).  I've heard of
the Canadian group on the net but I don't know anything about them.  I'm
not sure why they're using the name Autonomedia, because they're not
connected with us in any way.


Dave Mandl

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