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nettime: !: Thinking Alien 1996

[via Spoon-Collective:]

>is an international, inter-disciplinary event 
>sponsored jointly by the Centre for the Study of Cultural Values,
>University of Lancaster, and the Centre for Cultural Studies,
>University of Leeds, to be held at Leeds University (Roger Stevens
>Building) on 16 & 17 September 1996
>THINKING alien brings together over 50 speakers from the fields of
>cultural, aesthetic and literary theory,  from philosophy, musicology,
>sociology and psychology
>the philosophy of  gilles deleuze; legacies of the situationists;
>science fiction and cultural theory; alien aesthetics; prosthetics,
>technology, culture; antihumanism and feminism; donna harraway and the
>cyborg; nomadic spaces; abjection, alienation and artefactuality;
>intimations of apocalypse; technologies of sound; music and dance;
>sonic expression
> plus multimedia performances from -jim flint - switch - digital chaos
> - angus carlyle 
>sara ahmed (lancaster university): phantasies of becoming - john
>armitage (northumbria university): accelerated aesthetics: paul
>virillio's vision machine - rachel armstrong (multimedia producer, occ
>multimedia): the anatomy of aliens - richard barbrook (westminster
>university): the sacred cyborg - j. barton (warwick university) -
>hinterlands:music, micro-politics, deleuze and guattari - diane
>beddoes (leeds university): side communication -  a. bennett (durham
>university/ i.a.s.p.m.): t.b.c. - andrew blake: the difference engine:
>music outside theory - fred botting and scott wilson (lancaster
>university): ghosts of the machine: artificial imaginaries and the
>second death - micheal bull (goldsmiths): technologies of the visible,
>technologies of the invisible: walkman use as a strategy of looking
>and disappearing - pete buse (salford university): actor inhuman -
>angus carlyle (warwick university): the k's to key largo (audio-visual
>presentation) - carolyn brown (greenwich university): celibatory
>machines: cyborgs, cybersex and the uncanny logic of the letter -
>duncan campbell (university of wales): s and before p? microserfs and
>the "new" - micheal corsten: the dispositif of rave - jane crawford
>(warwick university): fyb(erd)roids: alien nomad - digital chaos:
>multi-media presentation - the discourse unit (chairs - angel j.
>gordo-lopez (bradford university) and ian parker (bolton institute):
>workshop - abjection, alienation and artefactuality:
>cyberpsychological  prosthetic memory - dagmar fink and anne
>scheidhauer (university of frankfurt/main): cyborg narratives - phil
>edwards: cultural pimping and the overthrow of situations:
>(anti)situationist art - jim flint: multi-media presentation - mariam
>fraser (loughborough university): springs and flows: foucault,
>feminism and deleuze - jennifer friedlander (university of
>pittsburgh): capturing children/ preserving aliens -  mark goodall
>(leeds university): basic banalities: a sonic evocation of the work of
>guy debord - phil goodchild (st. martins, lancaster):  alien ethics:
>deleuzean ethos vs. postmodern morality - ray guines and omayra cruz
>(leeds university): hopeful narratives and monstrous aliens - paul
>haynes (lancaster university): we have never been human - graham
>harvey (king alfred's, winchester): the technologies of ecstasy:
>techno-shamanic techniques of ecstasy and neo-shamanic healing
>therapies - andrew hussey (huddersfield university) and gavin bowd
>(manchester university): le musee guy debord: paris by night -
>alessandro imperato (keele university): inner space: symptoms of
>alienation - barbara kennedy (staffordshire university): "k(n)ights in
>white satin:" faciality, film and fin-de-siecle femmes - nick land
>(warwick university): contagious rhythmic practices - nigel liddel
>(leeds university): a geometry for life - celia lury (lancaster
>university): prosthetic culture and identity - iain mackenzie (queen's
>university, belfast): thinking differently: vitalism in the political
>philosophy of gilles deleuze -  bruce mcclure (warwick university):
>xenoglossolalia: alien tongues - catherine maidens (huddersfield
>university): "beneath the pose" the feminine and the alien - sarah
>marklew (bolton institute): the double within science fiction film -
>roland miller (huddersfield university): manufacturing an alienated
>nation - simon o'sullivan (leeds university): of angels and aliens -
>william pawlette (loughborough university): utility and excess: the
>radical sociology of bataille and baudrillard - carl peters (simon
>fraser university, british columbia): bp nichol and concrete poetry as
>a source of writing and allegory - j. pettigrew: koan: how long will
>koan music last?  andrew quick (lancaster university): presentation
>t.b.c. - andrea rehberg (greenwich university): nietzsche's desert
>thought - david rice (university of california): alien prophecy -
>j.k.l.scott (university of wales): loving the alien: pluralism,
>polyculturalism and voodoo existence - kay schaffer (university of
>adelaide): the contested zone: cybernetics, feminism and
>representation - rob shields (lancaster university): cultures of the
>internet - mark sinker: taking sweets from unearthly strangers: radio
>waves, unearthly voices, long-distance desire - c.r.r. smethurst
>(warwick uiversity): jungle duration - david sorfa: erasure and
>apocalypse in three texts - marcella stecher (vienna): inner body to
>outer space: deconstructing femininity in ridley scott's "alien" -
>william stephenson (leeds university): the tape that exploded: william
>borroughs and sonic parody - paul sutton (bradford university):
>remembering the future: postcards from an alien world  - switch: grey
>matter (audio-visual presentation) - acim szepanski (force inc. and
>mille plateaux records, hamburg): t.b.c.- yvan tardy (de montford
>university): art, everyday life, spectacle: a situationist trilogy -
>imogen tyler (manchester metropolitan university) and bruce bennett
>(bolton institute): donna harraway's primate visions: science, fiction
>and speculative futures -  neil todd (manchester university): rhythmic
>motion: neuronal representations of rhythm and time - j. urpeth
>(greenwich university): alien forms: the vitalisation of form in art -
>steven h. weinberger (george mason university, fairfax): search for
>the perfect alien language - dan welch (lancaster university): alien
>abduction and the memoro-politics of  apocalypse - alan wright
>(university of florida): echomania: from the dialectical image to the
>dub encounter
>stlg20/stlg15 concessions - cheques payable to University of Leeds - send
>to: THINKINGalien Dept. of Fine Art University of Leeds LEEDS LS 2 9JT
>please include your mail address for full conference programme
>(abstracts, information, accommodation) conference registration 9.00 -
>11.00 hrs, 16 september - final panel ends 19.30 hrs, 17 september
>the organisers regret that there is only a limited amount of
>university accommodation available - for university accommodation
>contact - 0113 2336100 - for hotel accommodation contact Leeds Leisure
>Services - 0113 2425242 - or see programme for hotel listings 
>THINKING alien  is run in conjunction with:
>close very very close
>a sequence of time-based installations - a programme of film and video
>roger stevens building, university of leeds, 16 - 17 september, 10.00
>- 17.00 hrs information email: finemp@lucs-mac.novell.leeds.ac.uk
>at back to basics, leeds, 17 september, 1pm - 6am
>a unique multimedia symposium and club event - exploring and extending
>the horizons of electronic music and dance culture - concessionary
>rate of stlg8 to all attending THINKINGalien information email:
>fsonic@lancaster.ac.uk  -  http://www.phreak.co.uk/haywire/futuresonic
>specialists in cultural capital since 1996
>Aliens: Simon O'Sullivan [finsdos@leeds.ac.uk]
>Nigel Liddell [finndl@leeds.ac.uk]
>snail mail:
>Dept. of Fine Art
>University of Leeds
>LS 2 9JT.

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