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nettime: CFP: enGendering Rationalities

Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 13:43:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: malgosia askanas <ma@panix.com>

enGendering Rationalities

April 18-20, 1997
Center for the Study of Women in Society
University of Oregon

This conference will bring together scholars from a variety of disciplines
including anthropology, economics, history, literature, the natural
sciences, philosophy, political science, psychology, rhetoric,  sociology,
and women's studies to investigate how feminist research and practice
challenge and transform current views of rationality and knowledge.
Feminists are problematizing theories of rationality that exclude emotions,
the body, and intuition from the knowing process, and are critiquing the
ways dominant theories of rationality involve colonialist and imperialist
interests.  The conference is designed to provide an opportunity for
multidisciplinary and cross-cultural feminist conversations concerning these
topics and to encourage collaborative research projects.

Conference topics include:

* intersections of race, ethnicity, class and gender in feminist knowledge
* the adequacy of current theories of knowledge to feminist theory and practice
* forms of knowing that emerge from women's practices
* activism's role in the development of knowledge/ the effect of feminist
theories of knowledge on feminist activism
* the interrelations among ethics, politics, and epistemology
* the relations between power and knowledge
* collaborative and  interdisciplinary models for developing feminist theory
* the audience and purpose of feminist knowledge projects
* the tensions between relativism and activism

Our preliminary list of conference participants includes: Joan Acker,
Barbara Pope, Linda Alcoff, Karen Barad, Drue Barker, Lorraine Code, Susan
Hekman, Lisa Heldke, Sandra Morgen, Lynn Hankinson Nelson, Elizabeth Potter,
Phyllis Rooney, Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, Nancy Tuana, and Alison Wylie.

Proposals for papers, panels, or roundtable discussions should include three
copies of a two-page abstract and a short vitae for each participant.
Proposals must be postmarked no later than  NOVEMBER 1, 1996.

If you have any questions or would like to be put on the conference mailing
list, contact Leeann Bennett, (541) 346-5015 or email to:

Send proposals in hard copy to: enGendering Rationalities, Center for the
Study of Women in Society, 1201 University of Oregon,  Eugene, OR
97403-1201. Do not send proposals by email.

We will maintain a conference website
for updates on all information related to this conference.

The University of Oregon is an equal opportunity, affirmative action
institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the
Americans with Disabilities Act

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