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nettime: DEAF96 / ZKP 1+2 reprints / Delocations/Reflexive Responses

Andreas Broeckmann (V2_Organisation) writes:

DEAF 96, the Dutch Electronic Art Festival, opens on Tuesday, 17 September
(till 22nd) here in Rotterdam.

For this occasion, we are producing reprints of ZKP 1 (Next 5 Minutes) and
ZKP 2 (Cyberconf) which will be on sale here at the V2_Archive at Hfl.17,50
(= US$11). This will just about cover production costs. Depending on the
demand we'll do a reprint of the reprint.

You can reserve copies (also for mailorder) with Peter Duimelinks

Geert Lovink and Pit Schultz (nettime) will be participating in the
Delocations/Reflexive Responses panel during DEAF96 which has been
organised in cooperation with Tim Druckrey and which will also feature
Kathy Rae Huffman and Margarete Jahrmann (PopTarts), Armin Medosch
(Telepolis Online), Mark Tribe (Rhizome) and Benjamin Weil (adaweb).

Here follows a description of the programme:

DEAF96, 18 September, 19.30 - 22.30 hrs

Delocations 1: Digital History/Reflexive Responses

Despite its potentials for the multi-mediatic presentation of information
and cultural contents, the Internet is still used for verbal discourse much
more than for visual imagery. Even visual artist who employ the net as the
site of their artistic practice often place an emphasis on words, a
situation which urgently raises the question of the quality of visual
presentations on the Internet. Taking up this problem, the working group
Delocations 1: Digitial History investigates the relationship between words
and images in digital media and will lead to the production of a CD ROM and
a WWW site. It assesses the function of language in the development of
critical approaches to media history, visualisation, and contemporary
theories of representation in a hypertextual environment.

The first part of the programme consists of a lecture by media theorist
Timothy Druckrey and a presentation of the Delocations project by
artist-designer Mike Quee and CornŽe Jacobs, organiser of the project for
the Rotterdam Centre for the Arts. In the second part, the wider context of
the project will be tackled in a panel discussion about this and other
projects and strategies aimed at the development of a critical discourse
about art and media on the Internet.

Reflexive Responses: Networks, Criticism, and Discourse, Timothy Druckrey

On-line criticism, often a cross between chat-room and rant and yet an
increasingly important tool for the development of the contemporary
discourse about digital media, must face some crucial issues of history and
judgement. The urgent issues of organizing and distributing the
contributions to this discourse are unequivocally linked with those of
content and thematic scope. Though appropriately built on the premise of
user-participation and access, the lists, web projects, e-journals, etc.,
belonging to this genre are often scattered, irregularly updated, and
seemingly disorganized. Amid an avalanche of threats and innovations which
on-line editors are facing, the necessities of reflection are sometimes
jettisoned in favor of well-meaning knee-jerk reactions. Yet, it becomes
ever more important to think about the ramifications of distributed
information in a historical perspective and in forms that are both dynamic
and considered.

Reflexive Responses attempts to confront and incite an approach to web
criticism across a range of topics and will discuss networked discourse as
a fundamental issue of the political, intellectual and theoretical
consequences of network ideology which today present themselves on an
international scale.

The objectives of the discussion are: to account for the shifting histories
of technology in terms of its relationship with cultural theory and
experience; to integrate social and aesthetic issues into the discourse of
technology; to develop initiatives for the support of independent
production, distribution and creative projects

Drawing on several models (Nettime, Telepolis, MediaFilter, Rhizome, t0,
Reflex, Delocations a.o.), the panel will focus on the challenge to
traditional publishing and on strategies of net-discourse that avoid the
pitfalls of pop criticism or zealous euphoria in favor of reasoned and
reflexive responses. Participants will outline strategies and experiences in
providing critical content and will offer proposals for the development of
theoretical models for continuing this work.

Participants will include:

- Tim Druckrey
- Kathy Rae Huffman, Margarete Jahrmann, PopTarts
- Cornee Jacobs, Delocations
- Geert Lovink, Nettime/Memesis
- Armin Medosch, Telepolis Online
- Pit Schultz, Nettime
- Mark Tribe, Rhizome
- Benjamin Weil, adaweb
- a.o.

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coming up:
DEAF96, the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, 17 - 22 Sept 1996 <>
(DEAF96 exhibition - 29 Sept)

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