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nettime: LEXIS-NEXIS Invades Privacy for Profit!!!

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>From: Terry Allen <>
>Whoops, looks like the message on invasion of privacy was as empty as my
>brain last night. Coincidence? I think not! Techno-incompetance? Hmm, perhaps.
>Anyway, here is the message that was forwarded to me and which I am trying
>again to pass on to you.
>Your name, social security number, current address, previous addresses,
>mother's maiden name, birth date and other personal information are now
>available to anyone with a credit card through a new Lexis database called
>P-Trax. As I am sure you are aware, this information could be used to commit
>credit card fraud or otherwise allow someone else to use your identity.
>You can have your name and information removed from this list by making a
>telephone request. Call (800)543-6862, select option 4 and then option 3
>("all other questions") and tell the representative answering that you wish
>to remove your name from the P-trax database. You may also send a fax to
>(513) 865-7360, or physical mail to LEXIS-NEXIS / P.O. Box 933 / Dayton, Ohio
>45401-0933. Sending physical mail to confirm your name has been removed is
>always a good idea.
>As word of the existence of this database has spread on the net, Lexis-Nexis
>has been inundated with calls, and has set up a special set of operators to
>handle the volume. In addition, Andrew Bleh (rhymes with "Play") is a manager
>responsible for this product, and is the person to whom complaints about the
>service could be directed. He can be reached at the above 800 number. Ask for
>extension 3385. According to Lexis, the manager responsible is Bill Fister at
>extension 1364.
>I called this morning and had my name removed. The representative will need
>your name and social security number to remove you from the list. I suggest
>that we inundate these people with requests to remove our info from the list
>and forward this e-mail to everyone we know.
>Terry Allen, editor, CAQ
>1500 Massachusetts Ave #732
>Washington, DC 20005
>202-331-9763 voice
>202-331-9751 fax
>web page:

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