heath bunting on Wed, 16 Oct 96 15:23 MET

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nettime: meta reiview fourum three

Byfar the dest presentation during the metafourum conference
was the idlichattings between Ms R Baker (london ++) 
and Dr Shulgin Alexei (moscow -100years GMT).

Subjects Covered inc.luded workz developed colabora2ry
across the divide of cyber spares. 4 exlampel, the MOSCOW WWMART
gold medal award, whichis gave 2 web sightz containing that arty
feel without complaining 2 be art. They are gifted a shiny:goldy:thingy
plus some found art criticism that Ms Baker finds in discarded news papers
on the bus 2 work.

A Shulgin, a concept-smite of magnitude, then presented the blah blah
project illust rating that not all net content is corpor8 data trash.
This consisted souly of found sitez claiming blahblah as truth.

Next the refresh project, a loop of underground leftself promotion, 
was projected, which was very_cyber_indeedª !

The presentation was received wellby those who had little investments
2 defend or justify, but there were angry pro test ants from reconstituted
video artists claiming 2 be the real net artists. Also, un4tun8ly the 
purity of the power lecture situation was dirtied by interventions 
and comments from the audience, mostly from 4mer serbian citizens.

hcath bunting 1996 


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