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nettime: greetings (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 16 Oct 1996 17:17:00 +0100
From: Diana McCarty <>
Subject: greetings


i just unsubscribed you to prevent what happened already
on other lists and public forums after your provocations.
you have not answered my last mail,
i do not discuss for very long , you do not discuss either,
you provoke and abuse the openess of this list, you
might havn't read our info, this list is NOT for
open discussions.

i just have you unsubscribed.
i will not risk the metastability of this list
because of your provocative querulant tactiques.
The issues you bring up are not stupid or wrong
but both the goals and the way you do it are not
acceptable in the purposes of this list.
futhermore i am not sure if you follow extreme
right wing idelogogies which we cannot accept,
you should make this clear first before you loose
reputation netwide.
nettime is a moderated mailinglist, this means
that in critical cases the moderator tries to act
+behind the scenes+ to maintain the functionality
- also the social one. you did not respond to my
mail. you are also already well known for abusing
attention in other lists and creating conclicts to
push your psychosocial setting upfront.
As you abusing the list on a formal level (you start
threads, but it is a list for private dialogue and
open discourse through posting articles) you are off now.
i suggest you to start your own list in your own
interests and we will publish the announcement.
you may also read nettime via the known adresses,
and send mails to

good luck


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