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Re: nettime: Budapest 1956: an invitation

Dear Pit and nettimers

re: '56

Good to hear from you! Everyone had gone very quiet since Metaforum, and so
I was holding my breath...

For anyone wishing to contribute to the site from outside Budapest with
little direct knowledge of the city or its history, I'm happy to cheat and
give background info on places, events, historical details that they might
like to use, if they can give me an idea of what strategies of
domination/resistance they are interested in exploring - this is after all
the real interest in the site.

Contributors from afar can submit their work via their own server or by
email and we will html format it - though please give me precise
instructions on layout, pagination and internal / external links.

Response in the office and outside has been very positive, altho no firm
commitments so far, but I have high hopes. We asked for memories/thoughts
from the Hungary Report subscribers (over 2000 of them) and they have been
streaming in. Some are very personal - i'm really touched. I will work in
some of these into the links between different threads. They will also all
be published in the Hungary Report -  a weekly emailed news and features
service. (and available on the net at Some
subscribers to HRep have already accessed the proposal and have already
contacted me about longer contributions.

Besides metaforum / nettime mailing list I have been frantically contacting
other artists/galleries in Budapest, journalists, writers, photographers,
an anthropology mailing list, political and community activists in Budapest
and abroad. The invisible college (a neoist mailing list) have been asked
to find the Warsaw Pact. It should be a very interesting range of
approaches and perspectives.

We will issue a press release on Friday, giving what firmer details we
have. Please can anyone thinking of contributing let me know by then, so I
can include them on this first list. Updates will be issued as and when -
probably at 3 day intervals. Meanwhile the proposal itself is on the web: - press releases/updates posted here too for the
time being, though this is ultimately where the site will be.

Still trying to get the proposal translated - I'll post it as soon as its
finished - hopefully tomorrow/early friday (and yes, I do know that this is
not the way these things should be done). Hungarian-language mailing lists
will then be hit.

As far as actions in the city go, several thoughts, but other suggestions
very welcome. Firstly, I think it would be great if city actions and events
happened internationally. I would be very grateful if anyone planning these
could let me know and I will include details of them in our publicity. I
also really like the idea of continuing city-based activities at later
dates - visitors to Budapest, please note!

Many thanks again for your extremely constructive ideas regarding the site
structure / metaphysics, and also for forwarding the proposal to others. I
would ask everyone on the list to do the same.

I will of course post further updates on the list and keep anyone who gets
in touch informed!

Bye for now,


>Hi Carolyn,
>thanks for including some of my funny proposals!
>hope that you get a lot of good response, please also
>ask for remailing. i send it
>also to a few friends and press adresses on the net.
>problem might be how to participate from elsewhere -
>like Berlin f.ex... especially with low budgets..
>so what would you propose, i might be in Budapest in
>December, doing something on a little Museum here.
>Before i can only end memory protocols..
>still in budapest but leave tomorrow early morning

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