komninos zervos on Tue, 6 May 1997 03:05:35 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> love is a drug

mark wrote:
>American, British and Canadian (and then Russian and Czech) intelligence
>services *jointly* "invented" psychedelics (specifically LSD and
>psilocybin) as a way to accelerate their re-design of humanity into docile
>operator/slaves for the post-industrial society.  This is a widely
>documented history.
and isn't that what the internet is going to be used for eventually?
when we've totally destroyed our physical space and give away fanciful
ideas of colonizing outer space, then cyberspace will be the only space we
have to expand into.
sometimes i suspect that getting us excited about the information
superhighway is just a cover up to get us to accept computers and computer
technology as a positive technology, so we don't question the way the
technology is being used to control our everyday lives, to down-size
industry, to reduce the number of "real" jobs, to limit our physical
mobility, to keep us occupied, well behaved and at home.
hey that's good "occupied in our own homes"

i love the internet but sometimes it sends shivvers up my spine to think of
the evil that can be perpetrated by this technology.
and if, as you say, mark the evil forces have attempted to control society
with psychedelic drugs, why not the internet and computer technology.

on the radio this morning i heard that depression, substance abuse and
social non-participation were the three greatest personal problems of
modern urbanised humans.
sometimes i am all three staring aimlessly into my computer screen.
is this good?
i think not.

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