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<nettime> give up your cars quietly

>>From: Reclaim The Streets <rts@gn.apc.org> (by way of richard@hrc.wmin.ac.uk)
>Reclaim the Streets
>Across the world people are taking to the streets, demanding an end to
>stinking concrete car culture. Direct action against cars, and for increased
>mobility and safety for cyclists and pedestrians, can take many forms. The
>emphasis is on celebration.

is the environment being used against us to make the changes being caused
by technology-aided greed seem more palatable?

the enviromantic love triangle

always there is nature.
nature is abundant and generous.
nature is wild, impetuous, violent, unpredictable.
society comes along.
society is attracted by nature.
nature offers society many things.
society fears nature, can't explain nature.
technology comes along.
technology is seductive.
nature is indifferent to technology.
society and technology have an affair.
nature is not jealous, but society distances itself from nature.
society starts to feel protected from the violence of nature,
but nature offers society things that technology can't.
society starts to take advantage of nature.
technology begins to grow in influence.
technology is envious of society's dependence on nature.
technology mimics nature, becomes wild, impetuous, violent, unpredictable.
society is hurt by technology.
society begins to fear technology.
society feels guilt for its mistreatment of nature.
society sees nature in a new way.
society gets infatuated by nature once more.
technology can not live without society.
technology gets sexier, more alluring.
society lusts after technology.
but always there is nature.
society is stuck in the eternal enviromantic love triangle.
and that is where we are today.

komninos 1995

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