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<nettime> Conference reports available

Conference reports, travel journals, book reviews, and various essays
will be posted on my home page:

To begin with, I have three reports recent conferences:

*Virtual Diplomacy Conference Report. U.S. Institute of Peace. Feb 12-14

How have the old and new media affected diplomacy? Is the nation-state
weaker because of transnational networks? Diplomats, journalists, spies,
soliders, and non-profit workers try to answer.

*International Forum on Globalization Report. Berkeley, California.
April 1-3

What are the costs of globalization? How do the policies of the World
Bank and the World Trade Organization affect local communities? Does the
Internet accelerate these trends? A run-down of the basic themes and
some of the 80 speakers.

*Institute For The Future Outlook Project Exchange, San Francisco April

Images and Stores of a new Silicon Valley: Transformation of consumers,
communities, and public space through new media technologies. Panels,
field trips, and group discussions on a variety of compelling topics.

Steve Cisler
Apple Technology Group
Apple Computer, Inc.
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