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<nettime> Symposium at Open Space May 26-31

  Copyright and Intellectual Property  v        .s. Public Domain is the
title of the work presented by media artist Raul Marroquin at Open Space,
Korte Prinsengracht 14 in Amsterdam from Monday May 26th.
toSaturday  May 31th. 1997.

As a media artist that has used mass media and popular iconography  during
the past 30 years, for Raul Marroquin, issues such as  Intelectual
Property, Information Law and the Public Domain have always been on top of
the agenda. During the last half  decade questions related to these
subjects have of course increased with the introduction and implementation
of new technologies, causing an entirely changed perspective in the way
information and communication have to be reviewed.  The changes in the next
following years are expected in the fields of authorship and Information
 The last week of  May 1997, R. Marroquin will see a discussion opened
dealing with issues such as the rights and implications when considering  
Intelectual Property, Information Law and the Public Domain.
The controversial discussion on these subjects  have been latent since the
early 70's: appropiation, deconstruction, piracy,  etc. Challenges faced
today with the introduction of digital technology and many to many
communications: free exchange of information, privacy, etc. balanced
against very delicate subjects such as child pornography and the exchange
of  other forms of illegal information, and the stand points from the
different interest behind these issues will be debated during that period
on a permanent basis.
Scholars, politicians, attorneys, journalists, communicators, media
activists and opinion leaders from all over the world have been invited to
discuss the different items covered within this terrain.

The discussion will take place by means of  lectures and  presentaions,
round tables conferences, debates and interviews that either take place at
Open Space "live" or by means of ISDN Video Conferencing, e-mail, Moderated
News Groups, IRC (Internet Relay Chat)  as well as other simple means like
telephone and fax.
The idea is to deal with the subjects in the widest possible way,
incorporating as many different points of view as possible with
participants from all over  the world.
Each day a different theme will be the core of the discussion. The overal
conference will be divided in various main different subjects ,thus trying
to give as much coverage as possible to opinions of all parties envolved.

Some events will be transmitted live from the gallery for the Amsterdam
metropolitan area via Marroquin's own radio and television programs De
Hoeksteen Live! Radio and De Hoeksteen Live! Televison.
 Authorship & Intelectual Property vs. Public Domain will have an in house
television channel at Open Space .  The material displayed has been
gathered from the conference and recordings of the events taking place.
All events will be Webcasted live in De HoeksteenNet and separate channels
will be used for reruns of  the highlights. De HoeksteenNet:
http://www.Desk.nl/~hksteen/ .
General information on the event is being published and will continue to be
published on the same location throughout the whole event.
De Hoeksteen IRC Channel will be entirely dedicated to:  Authorship &
Intelectual Property vs. Public Domain throughout the entire week so when
events taking place, interested parties can participate in discussions on a
24 hour basis.
Contributions to the conference can be posted at : hksteen@Desk.nl for
 A final hardcopy publication will be put together and published after the
About the Artist:
Raul Marroquin was born in Bogota Colombia South America in 1948. After
studying visual arts in La Universidad Nacional, he went to the Netherlands
in 1971 to continue postgraduate studies at the Jan van Eyck Academie in
Maastricht.  Marroquin was one of the pioneers in video art and since that
period he has produced single channel (video, computer graphics and
animations) works performances and installations, objects and graphic works
that form part of many private and public collections in Europe, North and
South America, Australia and Japan.
Since the late 70s Raul Marroquin has been involved in radio and television
production and programming in the Canada, the USA, Belgium and the
Netherlands. In 1980 Marroquin produced his first satelite work "The Link"
hooking up Amsterdam local cable television and  Manhattan Cable in New
York. For the past five years he has been producing De Hoeksteen Live! a 12
hour long live cablecasteing transmited for Amsterdam metropolitan area
every third Saturday of the month. He contributes regulary with articules
written for special interest magazines. Futhermore, he gives lectures,
workshops and presentations on subjets related to public acess and many to
many communications. He is an adviser on these subjects to several public
and private organizations.
For more information please contact Sophie van Steenderen Open Space Korte
Prinsengracht 14. 1013 GS Amsterdam Tel + 31 20 4200958 Fax + 31 20 6250199
e-mail hksteen@Desk.nl.

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