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The "INTERVJU" Magazine

Interview with Sinisa Vucinic, leader of the Radical Party "Nikola Pasic,"
by Tatjana Djordjevic


What is the importance of the ratification of the Agreement on Speical
Parallel Relations between FR Yugoslavia and Republika Srpska?

The ratification of the Agreement is the greatest achievement for the Serb
people in its recent history. This Agreement accomplishes Serb national
interests and also affirms the Dayton accords. Namely, all the positive
points in the Dayton accords have been included and used by the Agreement.
The Dayton proved to be in the interests of the Serb people at the time of
its signing. President Milosevic deserves the most credits for that. 

What's your comment of the local political parties' reaction to the

To put it simply, all patriotic forces and the absolute majority of the
citizens of both Republika Srpska (RS) and FR Yugoslavia (FRY) have
supported the Agreement and any man in his senses has supported this
centuries' old dream of the Serb people come true. The fifth column,
personified in the coalition Zajedno and some other parties criticized and
rejected the Agreement, as we had expected. The coalition Zajedno is
incapable of supporting anything that can lead to the fulfilment of the
Serb national interests. We must stress that this coalition is
committed to the accomplishment of the American and German national
interests. Their reaction was no surprise for us. They have once again
confirmed their anti-democratic and anti-patriotic committments and their
service to the US and Germany. They have proved that they are in favour of
a subject/subservient and humiliated Serbia, while the patriotic forces on
the other hand are committed to independent and free Serbia and a
dignified Serb people that is always willing to cooperate with all
countries of the international community, but on an equal footing.

What's your comment on some political leaders' frequent trips abroad?

Leaders of this coalition simply compete in slurring, libelling and making
up foul stories about their own people and state during these visits of

What is your opinion on the current media situation in Serbia?

The media situation in Serbia has always been objective and good as
regards the state media. We can produce firm evidence of this. However,
some so-called independent media in Serbia are targeted against the
interests of the Serb nation. They are instruments for a sort of a special
war waged from the US and Germany, aimed at breaking the FRY and Serbia.
The most supportive in this war are [the daily] 'Blic,' 'Dnevni Telegraf,'  
'Radio B92,' 'Nasa Borba' and especially in the daily ['Demokratija'] 
owned by the notorious German agent Zoran Djindjic. That daily has of
late made itself prominent by unobjective information and lies. That
daily is treasonous and anti-patriotic, introducing various personalities
to offend on the behalf of Zajedno all the patriotic forces and
dissalowing reply or correction or anything else.

What is your opinion on the new Law on Information?

We hope that this law will make some things clear. The first working
version my party absolutely supports represents an extremely good basis
which could, with certain corrections, become a true law proper for all
progressive countries in the world. The current law on information is not
bad either. It's bad bad point is that it allows too much liberty,
allowing anybody to set up a medium. It gives too much freedom to the
press that promote breaking-up of Serbia, to the anti-patriotic papers and
those promoting violence. Take the recent demonstrations. The fiercest
promnoter of violence and destruction was Radio B92, who reported on the
demonstrations as football matches. We therefore hope that the new law
would sanction such media. The most important for us is that media funded
from abroad should be obliged to state who funds them and in what amounts.
That is essential. Nevertheless, we are a bit sceptical, since the CIA
will never admit it is the CIA, but will rather dream up some businesman,
even of Serbian origin.


What do you think about the struggle for power in the streets?

My party is notable for its democratic principles and promoting democracy
not only among its own ranks but also in general. We oppose any sort of
political engagement in the streets and we support parliamentary work and
dialogue. Zajedno is not committed to parliamentary democracy as it has
shown by boycotting the Yugoslav and Serbian Parliament. They know only of
street democracy. These are politicians who want to get into power some
other states and nations in their own country. These are people prone to
violence, as the demonstrations have shown. Just look at the RTS and
Politika [builings], and some other buildings in Belgrade. The situation
is the same in all other cities where the demonstrations took place. They
simply know no better than lead the dialogue in the streets. They claim to
want a dialogue, but on their conditions, which is again unacceptable and

Why is a part of the opposition boycotting the Yugoslav and Serbian
parliamentary sessions?

By boycotting of the parliamentary sessions they have boycotted their own
voters. We believe that those who have voted for them have simply wasted
their polling lists, since they have cast their votes for representatives
who are supposed to go to the parliaments and represent their voters
there. They do that in the streets instead. Look at what they're doing in
the municipalities where they have assumed power. They have introduced
terror and torture against those who do not share their opinions. They
have forbidden the citizens to listen to or view the domestic media.
Kragujevac is a good example. Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and
Deutsche Welle are imposed on the unwilling citizens, and the city
government is allegedly struggling against the information darkness in
Serbia. They have clearly shown that they will not let the citizens obtain
timely information on the developments in their own country. It is enough
to mention that the Deutsche Welle was founded and is funded by the German
police. That is an unspeakable humiliation for us, although my party is
not in the least surprised by it. Zoran Djindjic, one of the Zajedno
leaders, is a German agent, while Vuk Draskovic is a US agent. They simply
continue with a forgotten and ugly past. Zoran Djindjic continues the
policy of Milan Nedic, the notorious Serb traitor and collaborationist,
only Djindjic is doing in keeping with the times. Vuk Draskovic is a
collaborationist of the Draza Mihajlovic type.

What is your view of the independence of the Student Protest?

The Student Protest has never been independent. From the very outset, it
has had a political connotation. It is politically coloured because the
members of the so-called Main Board are prominent members of the Zajedno
coalition. For instance, a certain Misa Gavrilovic is the son of Slobodan
Gavrilovic, the Vice-President of the Democratic Party (DS) and one of the
leaders of the Protests and the DS MP in the Uzice City Council. That is
practically an open secret. After the alleged termination of the protest,
Zajedno gave them the jeep, which implies that they persevere in teh
continuation of the demonstrations tension. There are the other leaders,
like Cedomir Jovanovic, known among his friends as "Ceda
who-fails-his-school-years," since he has changed several University
schools and on none of them managed to get through the first year. You can
recognize him by several ear-rings he wears. That is a bunch of anarchists
that has no idea but simply wishes to have fun. They reduced the protest
to a sort of partying. It is important to note that those students who
participated in the protest do not deserve to be called academic citizens.
Just remember that they looked for the Chancellor in the Zoo. Thay was
scandalous. We condemn it. We do not need such students and citizens in no
for of public social life. 

Luckily, a vast majority of the students has preserved the autonomy of the
University, preserved the image students should have and turned to work
althogh the protest had denied them that possibility. 

What is your comment on the moves by Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo

We predicted his fall as soon as he started promoting separatism in
Montenegro and american style of privatization in Montenegro which implies
a prosperous Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and a small group of the
ministers around him, and on the other hand a poverty-stricken population.
He endeavoured at breaking FRY. He had anti-patriotically struggled to
achieve US interests. He is a close fried of Milan Panic's, the constant
aspirant to the presidential post. Djukanovic wanted to make him Serbian
President. However, Montenegrin people very promptly saw through his
intentions and condemnded him, as did he majority of the Democratic Party
of Socialists (DPS). That was confirmed when a majority vote accepted his
resignation. We expect that he would resign as Montengrin Prime Minister
and to all other posts he holds. The DPS has confirmed its committment to
democracy and patriotism. We whole-heartedly congratulate them on having 
so promptly removed such negative elements form their ranks, and once
again confimred the committment of the Montenegrin people to a life in a
union with the Serbian people.

In what points does your party's agenda differ from other parties'?

We are a democratic party. That is our hallmark. We are a patriotic party
that wishes to promote the national feelings of the Serb people, but to
achieve this at a disadvantage of the other nations. As opposed to
Vojislav Seselj's Serbian Radical Party, our party believes that the
presence of many national minorities in Serbia is a wealth. The variety of
cultures and customs is a wealth for us. Nevertheless, we oppose any
option urging for broad autonomies, special statuses, no matter whether
the case of Vojvodina, Kosovo or the Raska region. We oppose all those who
promote separatism. We are a party that does not wish street dialogues, we
are fully aware of the reasons for the existance of political parties
and what are their fundamental meanings. We respect people's will. We are
notable for put state and national interests above everything else and
cherish them as stronger than all party and narrow-ideological interests.

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