Dina Iordanova on Thu, 8 May 1997 18:16:56 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> Please help

Please read the following and see if yoou could do something about it. Dina

For nearly a week now I, as the owner of this list, have been receiving
copies of rejected postings to the listserv (reason for rejection "sender
not subscribed'), that were originating from various senders, and the only
thing that was comon was some reference to a <nettime-l>, address
nettime-l@Desk.nl. Traffic was about 15 postings a day.

Usually when I receive a notice of rejection that includes the text of the
posting, and after I see that the text is relevant to the purposes to the
EEMedia, I am sending the subscription info to the sender, and asking
him/her to subscribe and repost.  This was not the case with the <nettime>
rejected postings, so I did not take any action. Now I see, however, that
some of the <nettime> postings, namely three bulky messages, have reached
the list.

I have noticed that most of the <nettime> messages have no particular
relevance to the interests of the subscribers of EEMedia, namely they do
not deal with East European media. This is why I am afraid that if these
postings continue now to the list, it will prompt many people to
unsubscribe as they would not like to receive irrelevant e-mail traffic.

I believe that some new subscriber has (unintentionally?) hooked EEMedia
with this <nettime> list, and all I see resulting from this is a
forthcoming polution of EEMedia with irrelevant traffic. As EEMedia is not
moderated, I do not see how this could be prevented, unless the person who
has hooked up EEMedia with <nettime> undertakes something to reverse it.

I would like to address all subscribers and ask those of you who may be
behind the hooking up of EEMedia with this <nettime> e-mail message source
to call me and straighten it up. I owuld very much appreciate it.

Thanks. Dina Iordanova

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