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<nettime> Real Audio Concert, Monday May 19, 8pm Berlin/Germany local time

Monday May 19, 1997, 8pm Berlin/Germany local time

The sound artists Sam Auinger and Rupert Huber conclude the first chapter
of their Berlin Theory with a house concert "BT03" on May 19, 1997.

The two separated sound studios which are located at the DAAD studios in
Berlin/Germany are depicted live as a whole in the virtual space of the
World-Wide-Web. The theme "rhythm & frequency" chosen for this house
concert will enable us for example to approach statements about the
proprietary format of Real Audio.

Sam Auinger / Rupert Huber

Berliner Theorie (Berlin Theory) is a collaboration by two musician/sound
artists that creates, in a series of 'Hauskonzerte' (House Concerts), a
network of 'real space' and 'data space' during their 1997 stay in Berlin
made possible by the DAAD Foundation. The sounds from each of the live
concerts is fed directly into the internet where it can be heard in
real-time and is also recorded as a RealAudio file. Between each
'Hauskonzert' the audio file is accessible on the World-Wide-Web (RealAudio
format, URL:"") - until the next concert is
over it. A short audio file extract from each 'Hauskonzert' is always
preserved as a symbolic representation on the World-Wide-Web.

By these means the Berlin Theory develops an iconographic space of audio
data through the course of twelve house concerts. It is written as a
digital footprint in the electronic memory. Various collaborators are
invited to the house concerts. Contributions to the Berlin Theory have been
made by Tosca (Richard Dorfmeister/Rupert Huber), the Viennese writer
Rainer Krispel and Hannes Strobl through performances in the
BerlinTheoryStudios so far.


Monday May 19, 1997
Final act of first chapter - concert of Sam Auinger and Rupert Huber

Tuesday June 3, 1997
Berlin Theory discussion with music events

Tuesday June 17, 1997
Final act of second chapter

Friday June 27, 1997
Collaboration with dancer Nicole Caccivio

All events are broadcasted at 8 pm Berlin/Germany local time -

Sam Auinger & Rupert Huber

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