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<nettime> ! GRAMMATRON World Tour



      They said the Internet would change the way we read and write          

      They said that hypertext was the genre of the future...

      They said that contemporary culture was becoming a simulation of       
      the real...

      And they were right...

Announcing the much-anticipated Internet release of novelist and electronic 
publisher Mark Amerika's web-based hypermedia project GRAMMATRON!

>From the introduction:

The GRAMMATRON project is a "public domain narrative environment" developed 
by virtual artist Mark Amerika in conjunction with the Alt-X Online 
Publishing Network [http://www.altx.com], the Brown University Graduate 
Creative Writing Program and the National Science Foundation's (NSF) 
Graphics and Visualization Center as well as with the support of many 
individuals without whom none of this would be possible.

The project consists of over 1000 text spaces, 1700 links, 40+ minutes of 
original soundtrack delivered via Real Audio 3.0, unique hyperlink 
structures by way of specially-coded Javascripts, a virtual gallery 
featuring scores of animated and still life images, and more storyworld 
development than any other narrative created exclusively for the Web. Future 
versions will integrate state-of-the-art Virtual Reality languages for a 
more immersive, collaborative experience...

The GRAMMATRON site, which was featured in the M.I.T. Media Lab's "Portraits 
In Cyberspace" juried exhibition as part of their 10-year anniversary, also 
includes a companion theory-guide called Hypertextual Consciousness 1.0 and 
soon there will be available a downloadable text called *Work-In-Progress: 
The Making of GRAMMATRON*, an elaborate critifiction of 135 pages with 70 
footnotes, many of which are narrative digressions detailing Amerika's 
involvement with the Black Ice Books series, the Alt-X Online Publishing 
Network, the Brown University Graduate Creative Writing Program, and the 
National Science Foundation's Graphics and Visualization Center located at 
the Brown University Computer Science Graphics Laboratory.

The GRAMMATRON World Tour has already taken Amerika to various conferences, 
festivals and universities including the Brown University Freedom To Write 
conference, the Softmodern(e) Festival in Berlin, The Word Bombs Conference 
in London, the Duke University "Assault: Radicalism In Aesthetics and 
Politics" Conference, the Northwestern  University Center for Writing Arts
Lecture Series on "Electronic Publishing" and Rutgers University.  

Starting May 19th, Amerika will be taking the Alt-X/GRAMMATRON tour to 
Europe with stops at the German Association for American Studies conference 
on "Technology and American Culture" in Frieburg, The University of Kassel, 
the inauguration of the New Media Library in Cologne, The University of 
Dortmund, The Free University in Berlin, the Cafe Le Bit in Leipzig, the 
Rhine region's New Media Industry Forum in Cologne, as well as stops in 
Munich, Vienna, Budapest, and Novi Sad (Serbia).

Upcoming presentations in the summer and fall of 1997 will take place 
throughout North America, Australia and Europe.

For more information or to contact the artist, send inquiries to:

POB 241
Boulder, CO 80306-0241

vox/fax:  303-499-2507

email:    x@altx.com

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