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<nettime> ljubljana practical stuff

If you're coming by plane: the buses to town go every hour, take that
bus (try to change some cash at the airport for the ticket that should
cost below 10 Dmarks). This bus will take you to the city bus station,
and from that point the procedure is like for everybody else.

The bus/train station is in the city center, and so is the club K4
where we will have the reception desk. Your goal is to get there
directly from the station, but fortunately the two points are at
walking distance. The adress of the club is Kersnikova 4 (phone
1313282), and the club is in the cellar. At the reception desk,
obviously, you will be getting all the necessary info regarding your
stay here, the program of the conf, and lots of other stuff. It is in
that same club that the evening events are taking place, and there you
can also check your mail in the cybercafe.

The lodging is arranged in the Hotel `Park', Tabor 9 (tel 00386 61 133
13 06, fax 321 398) and in people's homes. If you don't know where
you're staying, please contact us immediately and the arrangements
will be made for you. 

For those that are going to come on Thursday (or even Friday...), the
procedure is like this: take a cab and say `Prusnikova 74 - Sentvid'.
Ljudmila (00386 61 152 47 19) is situated out of the city center, and
this mail is not long enough to actually describe it's position, so
don't be sorry to waste these 10 Dmarks or so. The conf starts on
Wednesday at 10.00 and everybody will be there till 18.00 when we move
towards the town, and the evening lecture starts at 20.30 in the club

In case of some unimaginable problems, here's the list of home phone
numbers of the organizers: 
Vuk Cosic 274 013 or 0609 629 124 
(Cesta na Brdo 37) 
Marko Peljhan 159 2553 or 0609 615 550 
(Ane Ziherlove 2) 
Luka Frelih 310 962 (Rozmanova 12) 
Mitja Doma 12 72 019 (Hladnikova 25)
 and other good numbers are: 
KUD  (the dtp place, ex ljudmila) 334 109 (Karunova 14) 
Soros 125 64  50 (Vegova 8)

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