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<nettime> Call for Avant-Garde Art

	Vienna, Kunsthalle Exnergasse


Call for Avant-Garde Art

Dear prospective participant!

You might have asked yourself many times: What is Neoism, and how can I
become a Neoist? The Neoist Worldfair now gives you the multiple
opportunity to become part of Neoism, the only avant-garde movement

In June ‘96 both a World Festival of Neoism and a retrospective of this
century’s Neoist Art is taking place at „Kunsthalle Exnergasse“, perhaps
the largest alternative space in Vienna (A). Everybody is kindly invited
to forge Neoist artworks or performances. Although it is in no way
necessary to know anything about Neoism in order to forge Neoist
(anti-)artworks or to proclaim a Neoist manifesto you might appreciate
some basic information on the subject.

It was in Portland of the late 70ies where Neoism emerged out of the
Mail Art scene. Then, (anti-)art of the 80ies was heavily influenced by
a number of Neoist Apartment Festivals. Neoism was defined as prefix and
a suffix without anything in-between. The peak of historic Neoism was
reached when an Art Strike was proclaimed by Karen Eliot in 1990. For
three years no work of art was produced by Neoist anti-artists what
eventually lead to the collapse of the art market in the early 90ies. 

The central Neoist strategy is the use of multiple names, especially of
„Monty Cantsin“ and „Karen Eliot“. Whoever uses these names becomes a
Neoist. Whereas Monty Cantsin is conceived as multiple Pop-Star, Karen
Eliot can rather be described as multiple signature for any form of

If you want to take part in the Viennese Neoist Worldfair in June 1997
(opening June the 5th) please fill out this form and send it in (via
e-mail or snail-mail) or give us a call. We guarantee the acceptance of
every single entry as long as there is enough space left in Kunsthalle
Exnergasse and time left in June 1997. Only condition for the acceptance
of (anti-)art works/performances is the use of the signature „Karen
Eliot“ respectively the multiple name „Monty Cantsin“.


a) I want to preserve the purity of Neoism as anti-art and therefore I
am strictly against any festival or exhibition. I will take the
following active counter-measures:

b) I don’t want my name to be mentioned in connection with Neoism on no
My name: _________________    ___________________________

c) I want to take part in the „Neoist Worldfair“ under the multiple
signature „Karen Eliot“ with a work of (anti-)art. I declare to agree
with my work bearing the signature „Karen Eliot“ and being donated to
The Museum of Modern Art, Vienna, after the end of exhibition.
prospective title of work:

d) I want to use space and/or infrastructure of Kunsthalle Exnergasse
during the month of June for the following anti- or non-artistic
activities under the name of Monty Cantsin’s:
organizing discussions, holding political assemblies, playing skat,
destroying Neoist art-works, marrying,
preferred date (7th - 29th June 1997): ______________

e) I want to declare a Neoist manifesto (max. 5 min.) under the name of
Monty Cantsin’s:
prospective title of

g) Could you arrange finding a cheap accommodation for me.

My name: 

All (anti-)artworks can be handed over to Kunsthalle - after prior
announcement/arrangement via phone or via the form above - or can be
installed by the respective Karen Eliots themselves from the 2nd of June
until the end of June.
Kunsthalle Exnergasse guarantees the acceptance of every work of
(anti-)art, performance/activity and paper.

Please send the filled-out form to Kunsthalle Exnergasse or contact us
for further information:

WUK (Verein zur Schaffung offener Kultur- und Werkstättenhauser)
Waehringer Strasse 59
1090 Vienna

Tel: + 43 - 1 - 40 121 - 41
Fax: + 43 - 1 - 408 08 02
e-mail: khex@thing.at

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