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<nettime> Beauty & the East: final call and survival pack

N E T T I M E  S P R I N G  M E E T I N G / B E A U T Y  A N D  T H E  E A S T

             this is the definite program until the next update
                    check the City Map at the website now !

Wednesday 21.5.1997

10:00  CHECK IN OPENS @ K4 cultural centre (adresses see below)
21:00  PIRATE RADIO SHOW, 90.6 FM @ Galerija Kapelica 
       media active receiption and refresh
       please bring audio-tapes, CDs, video-tapes, FM receivers
22:30  VIDEO LOOP PROGRAM @ Galerija Kapelica 
23:00  OPENING NIGHT - Drum+Bass @ Klub K4
03:00  CHECK IN CLOSES @ K4 and continues at the bookstand in Ljudmila

Thursday, 22.5.

10:00  NET.ART RIGHT NOW @ Ljudmila
       Alexei Shulgin, Heath Bunting, Jodi, Olia Olialina, et. al.
       planned projects like Remote-C, DX Workspace and more.
       chair: Vuk Cosic
13:00  Refreshments 
       David Bennahum, David Hudson, et. al. moderated open debate with
       micro keynote lectures and practical project discussions)
       chairs: Geert Lovink, Pit Schultz
20:30  "A Network of Castles", talk by PETER LAMBORN WILSON @ Klub K4
22:30  Klub Metropol for those who don't want to go away

Friday, 23.5.

10:00  MEDIA ACTIVISM (Igor Markovic, Branka Milicic Davic,
       Vuk Cosic, Josephine Bosma et. al. new projects and plans!
       Chair: Drazen Pantic
13:00  Vego-Snacks
14:00  BEAUTY AND THE EAST @ Ljudmila 
       Miran Mohar, Marina Grzinic, Tamas Bodoky, Alla Mitrofanova, 
       Tomaz Mastnak et.al. moderated debate with short statements
       chairs: Inke Arns, Calin Dan
21:00  "Flesh Machine", talk by CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE @ Klub K4
22:00  Random Logic (SI) +  DJane MO of ELEKTRO, Berlin, video
       loops by Daniel Pflumm (expected) + B2MEN, Budapest @ Klub K4

Saturday 24.5. 
+ Sunday 25.5.
       we will go for an extended think-tank picknique to the countryside
       to speak about the future of nettime and make practical decisions.
       those guests who are seriously dedicated to such questions and are
       still staying in Ljubljana should be prepared.

////////////////////////// I R C  c h a n n e l //////////////////////////////

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 20.00 to 22.00 directly via 4 macterminals
at the cybercafe of Klub K4, for all virtual nettimers and remote partipants: 

                            /join #beautyeast
                          /server irc.arnes.si 
///////////////////////////  m o r e     i n f o /////////////////////////////

Adresses and local transport:
       K4 Kersnikova 4, in the Center of Ljubljana
       from train/bus-station 2 min on foot     
       from airport take bus to trainstation goes every hour
       if insist on taxis from airport call 9708 (ca.30DM)
       Galerija Kapelica, at the ground floor of the K4 house

       Ljudmila Digital Media Lab, Prusnikova 74
       with Bus #1 from Nama (in the center)
       with Taxi call 9708 for the cheapest ride ca. 10DM
       for your hosts adress please check in at K4 first

World Wide Web:
       with City Map Now!
       search for latest info

Emergency Coordinates:
       Vuk Cosic 274 013 or 0609 629 124  (Cesta na Brdo 37) 
       Marko Peljhan 159 2553 or 0609 615 550 (Ane Ziherlove 2) 
       Luka Frelih 310 962 (Rozmanova 12) 
       Mitja Doma 12 72 019 (Hladnikova 25)
       Ljudmila 152 4719 (Prusnikova 74)
       KUD  (the dtp place, ex ljudmila) 334 109 (Karunova 14) 
       Open Society Institute Slovenia 125 64  50 (Vegova 8)    

special credits:
       BEAUTY AND THE EAST is hosted by Ljudmila (Ljubljana Digital Media
       Lab, Open Society Institute - Slovenia) thanks also to Press Now, 
       Netherlands, The Royal Dutch Ambassy, The British Council, UK, 
       Ljudmila West 
       Archimboldo will be taking care about our stomachs, which much style
       and grace, vegetarian food only, juices and fruits. daily coupons will
       cost around 10DM.

Book Shop:
       organised by Marjan Kokot, please bring material, books, floppies,
       journals, you will also get higher numbers of zkp4 for redistribution.

Radio Program:
       Radio Student 89.3 FM , Temporary 90.6 FM 
       Vuk Cosic, Mitja Doma, Luka Frelih, Geert Lovink, Diana McCarty,
       Marko Peljan, Pit Schultz

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