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<nettime> McLuhan Seminars

The McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology,
@ The Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto

McLuhan Monday Night Seminars: Early Summer Series
Free and Open to the Public

Continuing the tradition of the open seminars held by Marshall McLuhan,
the Monday Night Seminars offer a forum for unrestricted discussion of
topics related to media and their effects within society, culture,
politics, psychology, and the economy. Everyone who has an interest in
such questions is invited to participate in the exchange of ideas and
the connected development of new insight. The current series will
feature provocative, lively, and engaging key-note speakers, who will
address topics related to their own research or current thinking.

Time & Location:

Every Monday night from 7.15-9.30 p.m. (except June 2 which begins at
6pm) at the Faculty of Information Studies (FIS) 140 St. George Street
at Harbord (the north east corner of the Robarts Library Complex) in
room 728. 

First come, first seated. The seminars are for the open minded, and no
previous knowledge is assumed. 
The moderater is Jesse Hirsh, Director of the New Media Unit at the
McLuhan Program, and founder of TAO Communications.

Topics and Speakers: 

May 26 - Naomi Klein - Writer - Toronto Star, Village Voice
The Move From Identity Politics to Anti-Corporate Activism:
A New Resistance for the Global Economy

*June 2 (at 6pm) - Stephen Marshall - Founder and CEO of Channel Zero
The Art of Revolution:
Corporate Divestment as a Contact-Sport

June 9 - John Barlow - Michael Edmunds - Jesse Hirsh - Stefan Pilipa
Liquid Consciousness:
The Poetics of the Electronic Spoken Word

June 16 - David Noble - Professor, York University - History
The Religion of Technology

June 23 - Guizhi Wuang - McLuhan Program Fellow from China
The Psychological Process of Chinese Characters
With an introduction by Dr. Insup Taylor

July 7 - Marcel Danesi - Professor, University of Toronto - Semiotics
Revisiting Origin of the Language Theories

July 14 - Mark Kingwell - Professor, University of Toronto - Philosophy
Storming the Electronic Bastille:
Democracy & The Internet in A Post-National World

*Note Special Time on June 2 at 6pm

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