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Re: <nettime> Re: ... thread analyses

In reference to become compared to radio, it is interesting to note
that, when Lawrence Weiner first got to see the web, he immediately stared
talking about radio, and about how the feeling was that you send out a
message, with absolutely no idea who receives it.  so maybe that comparison
is worth examining.

as for the telecom media, we could even go one step further and coin the
term "telecommedia", which then echoes theater and performance!

indeed, the interesting thing about the attempt to locate artists' use of
telecom media is that it does refer to older forms of communications, as i
believe it should.  in amalgamating communication knowledge, one seeds a
praxis (and/or discourse) that helps establish a certain definition of what
this medium is - or could be.

as for the telephone, an interesting intervention by Dr. Peter Lunenfeld
<> (Graduate Faculty, Art Center College of Design,
Pasadena) at the latest College Art Associations symposium, (February 1997)
in New York thoroughly examined the relationship between telephone
exchanges and the current use of the telephone network for digital
transmission.  This piece was later published in Afterimage magazine.

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