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<nettime> OSTranenie97 (Bauhaus Dessau)

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am currently working as one of the organisers of the international
electronic media forum, OSTranenie 97, which takes place in the Bauhaus
Dessau 5-9 November 1997.

I apologise for being repetitive (if Stephen Kovats has already contacted
you, and perhaps even sent/given you application forms to pass around).
However, I would also like to ask your assistance in making this the best
OSTranenie programme possible. It all has become quite overwhelming, how
many media events there are every month of the year, especially concentrated
in the spring and autumn period, and it seems almost impossible to keep up
with them all. Nevertheless, OSTranenie (the third biennial in 1997) remains
quite unique in concept and approach, and I believe has a well-deserved high
reputation among such festivals and forums. This year, for the first time,
in addition to the "traditional" presentation of video works, multi-media
installations, performances and discourse, we would like to present as many
network based projects as possible, especially those which focus on the
cultural/political context of (Eastern European) society in transition.

There is just over one month now before the deadline for the application of
works (30 June 1997). Thus, I am appealing to you for your assistance
towards allowing this information to reach as many talented artists (working
with video, the Internet, installation/media art, performance) as possible.
We aim to select from and present the absolute best work which has been
realised to date.

Please do not hesitate to contact Stephen or me, or anyone else on the
OSTranenie team, for any additional information (or application forms, which
may be photocopied, naturally, for submission with the works) you may
require. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
And please check out:
(at least that is where I found the homepage right now)
Studio Electronic Media Interpretation
Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
Gropiusallee 38
D-06846  Dessau
tel.: 49.340/ 6508.313
fax: 49.340/ 6508.326
Stephen Kovats:  <>
Adele Eisenstein:  <>

Adele Eisenstein

C3: Center for Culture & Communication
Soros Foundation Hungary
Orszaghaz u. 9, Budapest 1014
Pf. 419, Budapest 1537 Hungary
tel: 36.1/ 214.6856
fax: 36.1/ 214.6872

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