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<nettime> New Media Arts in Advanced Technology Culture

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Call for Papers

Creativity and Consumption
New Media Arts in Advanced Technology Culture
International conference
29-31 March 1999
to be held at the
University of Luton, UK

Submission deadline: 30 September 1998

Creativity and Consumption will explore theoretical issues around the
'content' and 'use' of digital technology in order to promote a critical
understanding of new media products and the context in which they

Call for Papers
In particular we are looking for research papers that relate to the
following themes:

o       computers and creativity
o       the human-machine interface
o       dead media and science fiction
o       'interactivity' and cultural practices
o       the aesthetics and politics of new media practices
o       implications of the 'new media age' for cultural institutions
o       distribution, exhibition and the audience
o       preservation and access
o       copyright, ownership and economic models

Papers addressing others aspects of artistic and cultural practices and
products would also be welcome.

Please submit a 500 word abstract, together with author name, address,
tel and fax numbers and email address, by 30 September 1998

A selection of the papers presented will be published in Convergence:
The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, published quarterly
by John Libbey Media at the University of Luton Press.

Call for Panel Discussions
We are also calling for proposals for specific panel discussions that
aim to promote debate and offer a forum for discussion around the
conference themes.  The proposer should supply a list of panel
participants, together with an outline of each participant's contribution=

and the aim of the discussion (the full proposal to be approx 500 words
in total).

Please submit the 500 word proposal, together with author name, address,
tel and fax numbers and email address, by 30 September 1998.

There will be a concurrent exhibition of new media artworks located in
key venues around Luton town centre.  Subject to funding this will
feature two new works: Simon Biggs' The Great Wall of China, as a
multi-screen, multi-user gallery installation and Black Box, a
compilation installation produced by the Film & Video Umbrella.  Both
works will be exhibited at Luton's new lottery-funded arts centre,

Sponsored by JVC, Eastern Arts Board, Centre for the Book at the Library
of Congress.

Alexis Weedon (Dr)
Department of Media Arts,
University of Luton,
75 Castle Street,
Beds, LU1 3AJ,
Tel: +44 (0)1582 489031
Fax +44 (0)1582 489014
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