John Hopkins on Sat, 16 May 1998 19:30:07 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: <nettime> artists vs geeks

"You know, I have a deep unease about the re-posting of MSNBC articles on
nettime, especially in their entirety.  I can understand editorial
excerpting for the purposes of making a point or presenting information,
but to presume that the repetition of such writing in the nettime listserv
somehow strengthens our community, I don't know."

"I have spent much time and concentration to arrange certain types of
filers for incoming information (applying single-frequency filters like
*allow anything from Tapio in and read it*, or *check out most things on
nettime* or *talk to certain friends on the phone and ponder what they say
to me* and such MANUAL filtration techniques like *don't read the Wall
Street Journal* (I made this rule after living some years in the Belly of
the Multinational Beast (an engineer for a large oil company) consuming the
BUSINESS NEWS of the DAY when I was flying First Class to countries where
my own operations were to get the oil, at whatever the local cost)... "

I started writing the preceeding to nettime a couple weeks ago, noticing
that suddenly almost every posting appearing in nettime has been lifted
from what I would term mainstream media, I never finished, and have since
noticed the continuing string of articles.  While, granted, I trust the
nettime filter system implicitly, I wonder has occurred with nettime -- has
anyone else been affected by this shift?  Am I paranoid?  Has anything
really changed?  What is going on?  Don't we have voices?  Isn't silence
better?  (speaking as a networker who only rarely contributes to the
listserv side of nettime, but who more often is in individual
communications with many of you).  I feel like something has slipped, has
been lost, some momentum drained.  Does Bill Gates' invitation to us have
anything to do with this?


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