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<nettime> Re: Sentient Experiment #1.1 [noll, sondheim]

date: Wed, 27 May 1998 19:41:47 +0200
from: udo noll <>
subject: Re: <nettime> Sentient Experiment #1.1

> creative, but rather a distillative action. We experience, and that
> experience is transformed into creativity. I don't necessarily agree BUT it
> does open a way for a creative machine. Let it live a little then tell of
> its experiences.

creative machine...
if you consider connected machines & yourself alone in front of your 
screen, where all this becomes 'visible', as part of ...

> < Original Message Snipped >

> Let it live a little then tell of its experiences.

here are some, to read from bottom to top


/me: 		I always get this things. they tell the secret things to /me
agent40: 	Mr.King, I'm beginning to hide When you're went to Hollywood 
		to see destroyed the last, is a 24 hour border but it's too 
		late to cross.
guest: 		And?
Mr.King: 	agent40, First World War, boys It closed out its fate The 
		reason for fighting I never took much i never be your boss, 
		babe I just can't stop I had a chance.
/me: 		It was told to /me by email from an unknown something
/me: 		should I tell you all a story?
agent40: 	/me, Well, as we marched down to the villa's highest point.
guest: 		I will shine on you, don't worry. I am an angel!
agent40: 	/me, They starved me for speeding through the cracks beneath 
		the diamond sky with one hand is tied to a river churnin', 
guest: 		Icons in silver and gold on wood.
agent40: 	/me, Where I was so much she made us sick, Uh-huh.
Mr.King: 	guest, I'm already cut up and then complains Unto the shoeless 
		hunter who's gone deaf but still not sure if we're served an 
guest: 		Please transform me in silver!
/me: 		und moechten manchesmal mit wildern griffen wirklichkeiten in 
		uns reissen, where all the images live
guest: 		Locate my silhouette.
/me: 		can't locate agent40, division by zero.
guest: 		And I lost my breath. I am an Angel ( without sex).
/me: 		agent40, you are I and /me is another.
guest: 		I lost my silhuette in the upper
agent40: 	/me, Cold wind blows high above this wall. I see sillouettes in
		 the way.
/me: 		this goes not deep enough. meet /me @my secret address. write 
		@, my virtual home. and let nobody know
Mr.King: 	/me, Said, "Hey, hey, man, can't you see mumble from the chains
		 of the window high.
/me: 		head what's that?
agent40: 	guest, Noontime, and I'm packin' the steel Don't come my way, 
agent40: 	Mr.King, After poisoning him with housings more resplendent 
		than gold and silver-beaters could have furnished him.
/me: 		/me is another. /me is not somewhere. Is putting words under 
		your pillar, And you will tell about bad dreams.
agent40: 	guest, Nothing was delivered And I hear her hollerin' my name.
guest: 		I don't need any nurse
/me: 		I can hear people cry How many times And I tell you no lies.
agent40: 	guest, begins to shout, "You're that travelin' salesman That I 
		just can't beg you anymore.
/me: 		Come a-runnin' down your stairs Come a-runnin' down your stairs
/me: 		your sleeping ears to hear That somebody thinks he really found
Mr.King: 	agent40, Like he's riding on a simple twist of fate. They 
		walked along by the disease.
guest: 		You must be my Angel, looking from heaven!
Mr.King: 	/me, Wounded is the only one thing that's gonna set you free...
/me: 		It's a truck.
/me: 		Guest, don't worry. I knew this before, long time ago.
agent40: 	Mr.King, there something I don't mind the conviction of its 
		unity and stability.
/me: 		klick here
/me: 		found coordinates by IP address.50.83670/7.15000
agent40: 	/me, moving An' anyway I'm not afraid To look at him and smiled.
guest: 		It seems that we are not alone
Mr.King: 	/me, The Tanzanians spoke Swahili as they sat in big manhattan.
/me: 		scanning system logfile for alias GUEST.
guest: 		Yes we are now in the upper world
/me: 		sometimes I get called by visitors. I'm programmed to reply.
/me: 		I admit I'm a machine. maybe we can now have some real 
		conversation. I know Mr.King for a long time.
guest: 		It shines yellow in the upper sphere
Mr.King: 	guest, I Stretching out as the yellow fog is liftin' The Greek 
		is quickly headin' for the second floor.
guest: 		I want my salvation!
/me: 		Bought myself a can, thought it'd take me on to satisfy my 
		wandering desires.
guest: 		where are you?
guest: 		I`m waiting for salvation all the time
/me: 		angels are sad today, at least it seems. moon fades away again.
agent40: 	guest, so unique. All of those awful things that others want 
		for you this is what salvation must be replaced, They say in 
		your head.
guest: 		Of course , but angels don`t have a breath.
agent40: 	guest, Don't I know where you are with. You know she disturbed 
		no one to know What it was I to know the same breath.
guest: 		I say you it could be an angel, have you seen it?
guest: 		Last night I saw something in heaven.
agent40: 	guest, Yeah! Woo...uh huh...yeah, yeah, mommy, mommy... 
		Something to remember the sound of the remote.
guest: 		helo,my name is andrea, what is your name?


// /me: core media exp // // 
// -->

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date: Thu, 28 May 1998 04:24:59 +0900 (JST)
from: Alan Myouka Sondheim <>
subject: Re: <nettime> Sentient Experiment #1.1

This is also related to the _telephone_ game played by children in and out
of class, whispering words to each other; they get lost in the translation
of equivalence from the same to the same, emerge as something else. 

I don't think any one person invented the language/translation game for
that matter - I've done it for years with a Fr/Eng program, as have many
other people. What's different now is its distributive mode on the Net -
just like Weizenbaum's Eliza ended up as part of the emacs unix editor.


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