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Re: <nettime> Sentient Experiment #1.1

net-timers may be interested in this site
i encourage you to take a look at gary zebington's site at

this site is doing something new.
it is creating a poetry experience rather than a poem, where the author,
the interactor and the poetic form(the website with its associated sampling
software) provide bits of text to create a new text each time you visit the
his website, gary and all visitors to the site create a new piece of
writing each time.
this is new because previously, whilst the author and reader influenced the
text, the actual physical form of the book, the film, the poem,  itself did
not add anything to the text.
i  see us as trying to express old issues in the current language and
metaphor using the new tool of the multimedia computer, and a new
distribution system of the internet.

people are now learning to access fiction and poetry in a different way on
the internet. they are allowing themselves an involvement in a piece that
has no beginning or end but which is more a continuum that they can
exercise some control over.  we are writing a new contract with
multimedia/hypermedia literature, just as we had to develop a contract with
the fiction novel, the play, the movie, television.
we approach a book knowing there are a finite number of pages, that
generally you begin at the beginning and work your way through numerically.
we accept that it is a fiction and not a "real" story, and let ourselves be
transported to whichever time or place the author creates.
same with a movie, or a play, there are rules for how we watch that have
developed over time.

also mediated discussion lists and artwork like ted warnell's
(http://members.tripod.com/~poembynari/critical.htm) incorporation of
critiques, discourses back into the artpiece is challenging the role of
critic in much the same way as barthes challenged the authority of author
over a text in the early seventies.


>from: "David Reed" <david@newsindex.co.uk>
>subject: Re: <nettime> Sentient Experiment #1.1
>date: Wed, 27 May 1998 14:15:05 +0100
>You might be interested to know, if you don't already but this experiment
>was invented by Philip K Dick in a novel, a group of people played a game to
>translate and retranslate phrases. The only bit I can remember is Ernest
>Hemmingway became Serious Constrictingpath
>More on your main bit:
>TS Eliot (and others) had it that poetry (and creative act will do) is not
>creative, but rather a distillative action. We experience, and that
>experience is transformed into creativity. I don't necessarily agree BUT it
>does open a way for a creative machine. Let it live a little then tell of
>its experiences.

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