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<nettime> Netbase Attack II

Dear friends,
thanks from the Netbase team for your messages and concerned reactions!
Many have asked in which way they could help- we really appreciate your
Yes, all kind of statements defending our position (ideally with official
looking letterheads) could be essential for us. The fight will indeed go on. 

below is an outline of the most recent developments:

Today 14. July 10:00 - 10:30 Public Netbase held a press-conference at
Depot in the Vienna Museumsquartier to counter the allegations of Mr. Joerg
Haider of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPOe) that Public Netbase is
distributing hardcore- pornography on the net.
Present at the Pressconference were State-curator W. Zinggl, an official
from the
Art Ministry Dr. Timmermann, our lawyer Michael Pilz and various
journalists as well as representatives from the Green Party.
The accusations were easily dismissed as having no basis whatsoever and it
was announced that Netbase/t0 will take legal action against Mr. Haider.

Only one hour later Mr.Haider staged a pressconference and released a
press-bulletin in which the earlier attacks on Netbase were repeated in a
very aggressive way. 
As to the question from a journalist in which way Public Netbase is
supposedly affiliated to "Ocean Fund International, Ltd, A British Virgin
Island International Corporation." (the actual company running
http://www.sex.net) Mr. Haider answered: "This question will have to be
answered by the Federal Chancelery!".

Mr. Haider announced to start a campaign on this and child
pornography/child abuse and intends to make a publication of "degenerate
art". (that is of art works funded by public bodies which feature sexual
and/or pornographic depictions or relate to this matter)

The Freedom Party is known for using a jargon that has not been around
publicly since WWII and clearly follow their ideological roots.

The Green Party, the Liberal Party and the State-Secretary for the Arts
issued statements condemmning this assault on free speech and the arts.

It is quite clear that the FPOe is starting a massive attack against art
and the cultural scene in Austria.


If you have any questions regarding your possible involvement or the course
of events please do not hesitate to send mail to <office@t0.or.at> (Konrad
Becker and Marie Ringler)

[sorry for crossposting!]

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