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Published in Brighton by Justice? - Brighton's Direct Action collective

Issue 172/173, Friday 24 June 1998




"They are turning an important historic and spiritual site into a theme
park for tourists, a playground for the rich."
- Matt, traveller, Brighton

English Heritage's opening of Stonehenge on summer solstice, to a limited
number of people, has been branded a "stage managed stunt" by people
campaigning to bring back free access to the Stones. Two busloads of
invited guests were driven from Salisbury to witness the sunrise at the
Stones, but the reality for people without a ticket was that the four mile
exclusion zone remained as usual.

Many groups are opposed to the issuing of tickets to a limited number of
people. A spokesperson for the Stonehenge Campaign said, "Tickets will
never be acceptable to the campaign. It is felt that tickets include those
'in the know' and exclude anyone who does not know the right people, didn't
know in time, aren't together enough to apply, or simply got up that
morning and decided to go to the Stones."

Ever since 1986 the exclusion zone has been in force to stop the Stonehenge
Free Festival from taking place. This year around five hundred cops kept
watch but still 40 people managed to into get the field opposite the
Hillstone, before they were chased out. Meanwhile King Arthur Pendragon was
arrested with 12 other people under the "trespassory assembly" sections of
the Criminal Justice Act.

The Stonehenge People's Free Festival began life in 1974 and grew and grew
until in 1985 the powers-that-be decided enough was enough. That year a
large convoy of travellers vehicles on their way to the Festival were
blocked by the police. Trapped, they swung their vehicles into a field,
crashing through a hedge. What happened next has gone down in traveller
folklore as The Battle of the Beanfield. The police, out of control,
started attacking people and vehicles. By the end 420 people had been
arrested. and their homes had been systematically looted, smashed and
burnt. One ITN reporter described the scene. "All of us [journalists] were
shocked by what we saw: police tactics which seemed to break new grounds in
the scale and the intensity of its violence. We saw police throw hammers,
stones and other missiles through the windscreens of advancing vehicles; a
woman dragged away by her hair; young men beaten over the head with
truncheons as they tried to surrender; police using sledgehammers to smash
up the interiors of the hippies' coaches."

The Battle of the Beanfield was the beginning of the clampdown for the free
festival/traveller scene culminating in the draconian Criminal Justice Act.

The next year a four mile exclusion zone was placed round the stones for a
five day period during the summer solstice - and will continue to be every
year until it is challenged.

Stonehenge Campaign Newsletter: Quarterly update, comprehensive contacts
listing inc all the Free Information Network (FINS). Send SAE+donation to
c/o 99 Torriano Avenue London NW5 2RX.

Operation Solstice: Documentary on the Battle of the Beanfield, P.O. Box
10834, 44 Tottenham Lane, London, N8 OAW #10 + SAE

The Last of the Hippies: Booklet about Wally Hope, one of the main people
who got the Stonehenge Festival going - and met with a very suspicious
ending #1 + SAE from DS4A, Box 8, 82 Colston St., Bristol, BS1 5BB.

   * Stonehenge was given to the nation by Cecil Chubb in 1918. In his will
     he specified that no more than 1 shilling be charged for people
     wanting access to the stones (It's #3.60 now) and that no building be
     erected near the Stones (so they built a car-park).



There were red faces and laughter all round at last Saturdays spectacular
Salisbury Reclaim The Streets (RTS) when protesters bumped into two stalled
army tanks on a ring-road roundabout. Dozens of people were quick to take
advantage clambering aboard until the soldiers, who had tried to kick and
push them off, gave up and accepted their humiliating defeat. Never has
there been such a photo opportunity as echoes of Tianemen Sq. came to the
sleepy English town.

The good vibe posse danced and cavorted on the tanks while others discussed
with the young soldiers the error of their ways in choosing such a career,
i.e. killing someone. Huge jams built-up as the police not knowing whether
to laugh or cry took a while to get into gear and clear those naughty
hippies and punks off the tanks.

Earlier 2-300 people had had a 'walkabout' of Salisbury city centre for a
couple of hours squeezing down narrow streets turning corner after corner
as the crowds of shoppers cheered and laughed along with the happy group of
RTS'ers, as riot vans were easily outpaced.

After the demo had got "tanked-up" people decided to go for an escorted
stroll out into the countryside, passing a family funday motorshow (sic)
towards Old Sarum Fort where people were told by a loud-hailer on a passing
police-car that "Your leaders have arranged a party venue-please follow
us!" Finally meandering down country roads brought all to a chilled-out
traveller's site in beautiful surroundings where it was agreed a fantastic
day had been had & that the omens looked good for Stonehenge in the
millennium. DIY culture does it again.

   * Suffolk, Saturday night and a tale of two Englands. One rich, one
     poor. In the moneyed corner, some landed gentry let a private party
     happen in the front of their mansion.One police vehicle turns up with
     environmental health a few times and politely asks if the sound can be
     turned down. Meanwhile in the poor corner just a few miles down the
     road on a large travellers site, the police turn up in riot vans, set
     up road blocks, confiscate equipment and stop the Solstice
     celebrations going ahead.



For using a kidney self-dialysis machine!

A man on his way to a demo at Hillgrove Farm (where cats are bred for
vivisection) had his car searched and was then arrested. The police claimed
the boxes in his car were "cat boxes" and would be used to take liberated
cats from the farm (It should be noted on the day of the demo, to liberate
any cats people would have had to get through a ring of riot police,
mounted police, police dogs, a 12 foot high metal fence as well as be
invisible to all the surveillance equipment like the police helicopter and
video cameras on 60 foot watch towers!). The police wouldn't believe the
boxes contained self-dialysis equipment which the man needs to use four
times a day, even though 'dialysis' was written all over them! Before being
taken to Oxford police station he was kept in a police van for two and a
half hours, then thirty minutes before he was due to use the equipment he
was thrown out of Oxford nick. It then took him another two and a half
hours to get back to his car - and his vital self dialysis equipment!

   * The editor of Weed World magazine in Portsmouth has been charged with
     intent to supply, after eagle-eyed cops found 0.4 grammes of cannabis
     on him.



A Brighton man who lost all his belongings in a housefire at the weekend
has had his application for a crisis loan turned down. The DSS told him he
wasn't legible cos he still had the clothes on his back!




   * Fri 3-Sun 5 WINCHESTER HAT FESTIVAL FREE Tel:01962 849841/ Bracknell
     Festival, South Hill Park, Berkshire #30 01344 484123

   * Fri 3-Sat 4 BUDE SURF + ROCK FESTIVAL, Dinscott Farm, Bude, Cornwall
     rock & pop & surf market #29.50 01288 359099

   * Fri 3 In depth discussion on anarchism 8pm Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion
     Sq, London WC1 (the London Anarchist Forum meet every Friday at the
     above venue to discuss a range of topics 0181 847 0203)

   * Sat 4 Beginning of the GENETIX SNOWBALL CAMPAIGN which is encouraging
     groups and individuals to "nonviolently, accountably and safely pull
     up a small number of genetically modified crops." There are currenly
     300 test sites round the country growing genetically modified crops -
     at least 11 of these have been 'de-contaminated' in the past two weeks
     (that's trashed to you and me) For your very own snowball pack send a
     SAE to One World Centre, 6 Mount St., Manchester, M2 5NS. Tel 0161 834
     0295. Email:

   * Sat 4 Pride 98 Clapham Common #5 in advance 0870 1210121 FALMOUTH
     COMMUNITY GREEN FAIR,Trescobeas Rd Cornwall FREE 01326 375158 CANNABIS
     CONFERENCE, Georges Rooms, Glastonbury. Info: 01458 835769

   * Sat 4 - Sun5 WIRRAL SUMMER GREEN FAYRE, Arrow Park, Upton FREE 0151

   * Sun 5 MASS TRESPASS -Freedom to roam on the South Downs Meet 12 noon
     Brighton Railway Station 01273 685913 There will also be an over-night
     camping, so bring tent+sleeping bag

     torture, poison and kill hundreds of thousands of animals each year 12
     noon outside gates, Woolley Rd., Alconbury, Huntingdon 0589 026435
     /Lazy Sunday, St.Mary's Gardens, Bedford (rock/indie/dance) FREE 01234

   * Mon 6 FIGHT POVERTY PAY! Smash the New Deal! Speakers Fight Racism!
     Fight Imperalism!, Reinstate Nigel Cook Campaign and Tameside
     Careworkers 7.30 pm Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1

   * 6-10 CANNABIS AWARENESS WEEK, Georges Rooms, Glastonbury. Info:01458

   * Wed 8 FULL MOON PARTY AT ASHTON COURT QUARRY Protest Camp.0467 430 211
     /Abolition Day 1 (campaign of action against nuclear weapons) CND 0171
     700 2393

   * Thur 9 Release of UNDERCURRENTS 9 around the country. For details of a
     screening near you (or why not put one on yourself?) ring 01865 243562

   * Fri 10-Sun 12 LARMER TREE FESTIVAL nr Tollard Royal (A354) Wiltshire
     folk/festival/world music #45/27/6 01722 415223/ Polapit Fayre, Tamar
     near Launceston, Cornwall dance+Global music #15 01566 772775 /
     Winchester Hat Fayre, Hampshire 01962 863966/ Aldermaston Womens Peace
     Camp 0117 939 3746

   * Sat 11 Demonstration against HILLGROVE FARM who breed thousands of
     cats for vivisection. Meet at Leys Recreation Ground, Station Lane
     (Next to Sainsbury's), Witney Oxon. Transport from across the UK is
     being organised. For more info. and transport details call 0121 623
     6460. (Further demonstrations against the farm are expected throughout
     the summer

   * Sat 11 GREENWICH ANTI-RACIST FESTIVAL, Plumstead Common, London FREE
     0181 317 8687/ Sponsored extravangaza to mark 40th anniveresiary of
     the Cuban Revolution Contact Rock around the Blockade 0171 837 1688

   * Sat 11 MCWORLD CUP. Activists are invited to organise a football match
     at your local McDonalds!!! to syncronise with other Mcmatches taking
     place Globally
   * Sat 11-Sun 12 COMMUNITY WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL FinsburyPark, London #15
     0171 272 2400

   * Sun 12 AMBIENT GREEN PICNIC Shalford Park (Off A281 )Guildford 01956
     319692 FREE 12-9PM 4areas-separate dance &acoustic stage, cabaret tent
     (with SCHlive?) & the excellent Guilfin Ambient Lounge Tent.PLUS
     Children's area Healing area Rinky-Dink food/market stalls. Fireshow
     finale p.s. fanx to GuilFIN for the listings update -to subscribe to
     GuilFin #7 for 12 issues PO BOX 217 Guildford Surrey GU1 1WS or email

   * 12-9 August, BRUSSELS TO FASLANE PEACE WALK. More information from
     Abolition Days 1998 c/o CND 0171 700 2393 email:

   * Sun 12 HULL RAINBOW FESTIVAL 2 noon-6pm Bands/dance tent/stalls (no
     meat or animal products) FREE 01482 229782

   * Tue 14 Launch of the PORTSMOUTH ANARCHIST NETWORK 7.30 pm Spithead
     Housing co-op community room, Montgomerie Rd

   * Wed 15-Sun 19 BUDDHAFIELD FESTIVAL nr Shepton Mallet, Somerset #25
     0181 6779564

   * Fri 17 Benefit gig for Sheffield Reclaim The Streets, evening of
     acoustic songs and storytelling at Morris Riverside,Sheffield #2

   * Fri 17-19 MUSIC IN THE SUN FESTIVAL, Don Valley Grass Bowl,Sheffield
     #4 a day/9.50 the weekend 0114 2754504/ Festival at the Edge
     'storytelling, music and song' Stokes Barn, Much Wenlock, Shropshire
     #25 adults/12.50 kids over 5 01952 594929

   * Sat 18 MUSIC IN THE SQUARE Portsmouth 12-11pm FREE Tel: 01705 834142
     Zion Train -Tofu's & lots of other goodies /Triangle Festival, Ransoms
     Rec., Nightingale Rd., Hitchin, Herts Folk/Reggae/Techno FREE 01462
     632479/ Beatchester 98, Castlefield Areana, Manchester FREE 0976
     224854 LIVE ANIMAL EXPORTS DAY OF ACTION starting at 9 am silent
     protest outside live export vet.inpector 58 Union Rd., Deal (A258 from
     Dover) ending with mass blockade of port at 3pm/ National Conference
     to Defend Council Housing, St.Matthias Centre, Poplar High St., London
     E14 Since the election of New Labour 40,000 council homes have been
     lost to private landlords. Some 26,000 sold at knock-down prices -an
     average of #9,4000 each. How can tenants fight back against this
     privatisation? 10 am-5 pm 0171 538 2113

   * Sat 18-Sun 19 BRISTOL COMMUNITY FESTIVAL, Ashton Court, Bristol FREE
     0117 904 2275

   * Sun 19 FESTIVAL OF GLOBAL RIGHTS, Hackney Marshes FREE

   * Sun 19 FUR FARM DEMONSTRATION. Onnley Fur Farm, Stoke on Trent, 1pm.
     Contact 01902 711935

   * Mon 20 THE LEGACY OF THE BLACK PANTHERS video + discussion 7.30 pm
     Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1

   * Tue 21 FIGHT POVERTY PAY! No Slave Labour! Speakers Nigel Cook and
     Tameside careworkers 7.30 pm Sparkhill Centre, Stratford Rd,
     Sparkhill, Birmingham

   * Fri 24 ANTI VIVESECTION NIGHT Vigil at 9pm- Harlan Sera Labs,
     Dodgeford Lane, Belton, Leics. Contact 0116 236 6450

   * Fri 24-Sun 26 WOMAD Reading #58/53 tel: 01225 744494

   * Sat 25 SEXUAL FREEDOM PARADE and Prostitution Pride 2pm Soho Square to
     Hyde Park with a picnic Bring your own nibbles. 0171 460 1979 / Day of
     action against Sainbury's Exotic Meat Sales. Local groups action
     everywhere For info packs ring Viva! 01273 777688 / "I'd rather wear
     drag than wear fur" demo at Downing St. 11am 01902 711935


   * Wed 29-Sun 2 Aug BIG GREEN GATHERING, West Wilshire #50/concs 01747
     870667 powered by sun & wind

   * Fri 30 GIGGAWATT FESTIVAL King's Function Grounds Milford Haven #17

   * Throughout July /Sept Mikron Theatre Company are performing "If You
     GoDown To The Woods - Tales From The Newbury Bypass" as part of their
     National Waterways Tour. It really captures the spirit of what
     happened. To see if they're performing on a water way near you, ring
     01484 843701.


   * 1-28 THE FIRST NATTY GATHERING. A 28 day experiment in positive impact
     living on 23 acres of land owned by the participants. 72 hr
     permaculture course, music,all the usual. Bring what you wanna find!
     For details of location, ring 01273 234035

     Handsworth, Birmingham to celebrate 50th anniversiary of largest
     post-war allotment site in UK. Illuminations, Pryotechnics, Chamber
     Music, multi-cultural seed packets and allotment academic Prof. David
     Crouch who willbe wandering the site throughout the day spouting
     allotment info! 01482 218068

   * Sat 1 SUMMER RITES GAY FESTIVAL Brockwell Park, London, SE24 1- 10 pm
     #3/ Demonstration against Huntington Vivisection Laboratories. Meet at
     Wilmslow Railway Station, Cheshire at 12 noon. More info: 0589 026
     435./ Not Another Reclaim The Streets 12 noon Fitzalan Square,
     Sheffield (this will be acoustic so bring musical instruments)

   * Sun 2 SUNDAZE FESTIVAL, Rushton Hall, Kettering, Northants 3 stages,
     market etc #7/5 01536 710002 / Taunton Green Fair, Somerset

   * Mon 3-11 WEEK LONG INTERNATIONAL PEACE CAMP at Brussels, Belgium 0171
     700 2393

   * Thu 6-Sun 9 GAUNTS HOUSE SUMMER GATHERING Wimborne Dorset 01202 841522


   * Fri 7-Sun 9 BIG CHILL ENCHANTED GARDEN FESTIVAL 15 miles from Dorset
     coast #40 0171 9249999

   * Mon 3-11 WEEK LONG INTERNATIONAL PEACE CAMP at Brussels, Belgium 0171
     700 2393

   * Fri 7-9 WEST COUNTRY ACTIVIST SUMMER GATHERING. Workshops & fun. #5 +
     food. S. Devon. Info 01626 363 844/ Guildford 98 festival, Stoke Park,
     Guildford.#42.Info 01483 454159

   * Sat 8 - 22 VEGAN SUMMER GATHERING 0115 958 5666Sat 8 March for All
     Animals- against Labours broken promises 12 noon Kennington Park,
     London 0181 2083289 /Brighton Pride 98 Preston park 01273 730562

   * Tue 11-25 Two week disarmament camp at TRIDENT BASE, FASLANE, bonnie
     Scotland inc. on Saturday march and rally at base, food and ceildh
     01603 611953

   * Wed 12 'Glorious Twelth' Grouse shooting sabbing season begins.
     Transport from across the country. Hunt Sabatours Association 01273

   * Fri 14-Sun 16 MEGADOGS LIZARD FESTIVAL becomes the Beach party,
     Carlyon Bay, St.Austell,Cornwall #60 0990 3444444

   * Sat 15 BRISTOL RECLAIM THE STREETS Meet Eastville Park 12 noon (M32
     Junc 2)

   * Sun 16 SMOKEY BEARS PICNIC, Southsea Common, Portsmouth.2pm. Free
     Bring what you expect to find.Er...Rizlas?

   * Wed 19-Sun 23 NORTHERN GREEN GATHERING nr Pontefract, Wyorks 0113 224

   * Fri 28-Mon31 EXODUS GATHERING

   * Sat 29- Mon 31 ASHTON COURT ANTI-QUARRY campaign weekend of action

   * Sat 29 MULTI-CULTURAL FESTIVAL, Pencester Gardens, Dover 11 am - 6 pm
     FREE 01303 262039/ Prague Reclaim The Streets Meet 2 pm Karlovo
     Namesti , Prague, Czech Republic

   * Mon 31st OCEAN FESTIVAL, Newquay, Cornwall Benefit gig for Surgers
     Against Sewage 01872 553011 SUTTON GREEN FAIR,Carshalton Park,Ruskin
     Rd., Surrey FREE 0181 6477706



   * Fri 4-Sun 6 OFF THE TRACKS FESTIVAL Parks Farm Castle Donnington #26
     tel;01332 384518

   * Sat 5 - YORK PEACE FESTIVAL Rowntree Park York FREE tel; 01904
     642493/National Anti Vivisection Demo 2 noon at Queens Park,
     Loughborough 0116 236 6450

   * Sun 6 NOTTINGHAM GREEN FESTIVAL, Embankment. 11am-5pm. Info 0115 958
     2369/ Full Moon Party at Ashton Court anti-quarry campaign protest

     Everything from 'how to do an office occupation', facilitate meetings
     and run a newsletter, first aid, self defence, climbing, land
     collectives, prisoner support, community organising, pirate radio
     stations. Discussions on past, present and future UK campaigns, the
     implications of the global economy,building international resistance
     and learning from activists elsewhere in the world. Costs #10 plus #3
     a day for cheap organic vegan food. Fore more details send a first
     class SAE to Earth First! Summer Gathering, c/o Cornerstone Resource
     Centre, 16 Sholebroke Avenue, Chapeltown, Leeds, LS7 3HB, UK; Tel 0113
     262 9365. E-mail:

   * 11-13 Land grab! Activist/permaculture/pratical workshops, music +
     madness organised by the LAND IS OURS. Phone for location nearer the
     time 01865 722016/0585 132080 -running on the same days but maybe not
     at the same venue Allotments Conference, to help publicise and
     increase use around the country

   * 2nd SELF HELP FORUM, Sheffield Protest 0171 833 2071

     Croatia 0171 278 0444

   * Sat 26 CANNABIS PICNIC on the 70th aniversary of canabis prohibition.
     Meet Hyde Park, London,noon onwards.01458 835 769.


   * Fri 16 WORLD FOOD DAY, Vegan Society 01424 427393

   * Sat 31 FUCK THE MONARCHY MARCH on Buckingham Palace 2 pm Embankment
     01523 160145


For a much more in depth listing (including lots of folk festies if you're
into that) read FESTIVAL EYE, BCM 2002, LONDON,WC1 3XX 01568 760492 For a list of Free Information Networks contact



Despite the best efforts of the authorities, people are still putting on
free parties up and down the country. Here's a few do's and dont's just in
case you stumble wide-eyed across one.

   * Be prepared to be self sufficient. Facilities will be minimal.
   * Park sensibly, keep site roads clear.
   * Be friendly to local residents, ramblers etc. Smile - you're at a free
   * Bury your shit!!
   * Don't trash the site - take a bin bag
   * Fires - use dead not live wood (it don't burn in any case).
   * Make a donation - if someone passes a bucket round, don't be a mean
     git. It costs money to put on a free event.
   * Know your rights - Get yourself a BUST CARD, 10p from Release. Advice
     line 0171 729 9904. Emergency Help Line 0171 6038654
   * Enjoy yourself - and don't let the party poopers get yer down!



The term 'Critical Mass' is used by Scientists to describe the point at
which a whole mess of stuff reaches the critical moment when it is so dense
something's gotta give. Activists use the term to describe the point at
which there are so many cyclists gathered on one road that they have
reached "Critical Mass" and the car is no longer king!

First Saturday of every month: HULL opposite Train station 5 pm / Victoria

Second Friday: WEST LONDON, Shephereds Bush Green 6pm

Third Friday: Bargate, SOUTHAMPTON 6 pm

Fourth Friday: NOTTINGHAM Market Square 5.15 pm

Last Saturday: Byres Rd/Univ Ave GLASGOW 2 pm

Last Friday: LONDON 5 pm under Waterloo Bridge by National Film Theatre,
SHEFFIELD meet British Rail 5 pm, GUILDFORD Meet British Rail station 5.15
pm, The mound EDINBURGH 5 pm, and St.Peters Sq, MANCHESTER 5 pm.



Against company that sells Scorpion tanks to Indonesia.
Northview, Walsgrave, Coventry Tel: 01926 338805 or 0336 774113 pager 07666

Fighting a twenty acre quarry extension into Ashton Court public park.
Tel: 0467 430211

Greenbelt housing development.
Tel: 01248 351541 or 0836 563980 or site mobile 0961 367421. Email:

Bingley relief road, part of the Bradford-Cumbria link (DBFO). Will rip
thro' 10,000 year old Bingley Bog.
Rye Loaf Camp, Bingley. Tel: 01274 511039

Contact for camp against electricity pylons.
Tel: +353 2 127 2277

Twenty screen multiplex cinema on inner-city green space. Brixton tube then
No. 3 bus.
Tel: 0181 7617826 or site mobile 0410 452187

Road through inner-city green space.
Treetop Dwellings, Bass Recreation Ground, Derby, BE3 Tel: 07970-318397

Non Violent Direct Action against Trident.
Shandon, Helensborough, Dunbartonshire, Scotland Tel: 01436 820901

Camp to oppose a motorway near Dublin that will trash a nature reserve.
Tel: +353 1 287 3341 or site mobile +353 8 8210 7471

Fighting the destruction of the Mendip Hills, being dug up for aggreggate
PO Box 2113, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4.

Well-established camp against proposed holiday village. Directions: from
Canterbury take the Folkstone bus to Six Mile Garage and turn left for main
West Wood car park for the camps.
Greensword, The Spout House, Lyminge, Kent CT21 4LQ Tel: 01303 862722
Mobile: 0467 604409 or 0468 945595

Set up last Thursday in protest against plans to "redevelop" the old
churchyard and build business units, appartment blocks etc.
Call 0589 650993



Camp held on second weekend of each month.
c/o 33 Heron Road, Bristol BS5 OLT Tel: 0117 939 3746.

Camp last weekend of every month.
Tel: 01703 554 1134.

Permanent camp outside main gate of Greenham Common. Organises info about,
and actions against, the production of trident at Aldermaston and
Camp Yellow Gate, Greenham Common, Newbury, Berks Tel: 01374 136728
(between 7-9.30pm only).

Opossing the massive US Spy Base.
Kettlesing Head Layby, Near Harrowgate, N. Yorkshire HG3 2RA Tel: 01943

Bi-monthly camp.
c/o 16 Sholebrook Avenue, 16 Sholebroke Ave., Chapeltown, Leeds LS7 Tel:
0113 262 1534.



Situated in the French Pyrenees, it's one of the most beautiful and
unspoilt valleys and home to the last few Brown Bears in the Pyrenees.
However, work has been started for a motorway which will devastate most of
the valley. La Goutte d'Eau has been the action centre there for ten years
and is now facing eviction anytime from the end of July till
September.They're having a festival July 11th-14th and are asking people to
stay and camp there afterwards. Go on - show them how to dig tunnels, dive
diggers and climb trees, but beware of the full-on French Riot Police: La
Goutte d'Eau, F-64490 Cette-Eygun (50miles south-west of Pau, on the N134),
Tel 0033 59347883



A new camp has just been set up at Manchester Airport in order to prevent
Arthurswood being felled. The wood is mainly beech trees all of which
apparently obstruct the satellite and radar reception on Runway 2! The land
is owned by the National Trust who it is rumoured received a large donation
and an entire farm for their co-operation. An injunction is being sought in
an emergency session of the High Court to prevent the trees being felled.
Directions to the camp go to the A538, turn left on to the Altrincham road,
follow that for less than 100 yards and turn right off it onto the small
road towards the the Moathouse Hotel. Almost immediately there is a
bridlepath on your right hand side follow this from there its obvious.
Contact 07775 602954



The sign on the entrance toAshton Court Park says "You are visiting a
beautiful and peaceful park.Help keep it that way so that everyone can
enjoy it." So what do North Somerset Council do? They give planning
permission for the extension of PoineerAggregates'Durnford Quarry into 20
acres of the park!

So how come a park given in 1959 to the people of Bristol, under the
condition 'that no part of it should be set aside for works which detract
from its value as a recreation ground or prejudice the enjoyment of the
people' is gonna be park excavated for minerals? The quarrying will destroy
a wildflower meadow containing rare flowers as well as nesting skylarks,
foraging bats and badgers and Pioneer plan to spend#1 million on
'translocation' - scooping up the topsoil and moving it somewhere more

So people decided to set up a camp in nearby woods. However, the protestors
point out the campaign "is not about hippies in the woods getting
sentimental over a bunch of flowers. It is about local people fighting for
their open space, it is about the continued unnecessary extraction of non
renewable resources, our undemocratic planning system...
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