Andreas Broeckmann on Wed, 29 Jul 1998 18:51:05 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> Re: the Net Criticism 2.0 upgrade

Regarding the Net Criticism upgrade:

I fully agree with Jordan that the propositions of Geert and Ted's
conversation are debateable; the question raised goes to the heart of this
collaborative discourse and text filtering project, and I think for those
of us who have benefitted immensely from the activities on this list, it is
important to think critically about the upgrade suggested to us.

At this moment, I cannot elaborate in the way I'd like to. Instead, here is
a piece of caricature:

Net.Criticism 2.0 - another unnecessary update?

The Nettime Corporation sent out the first announcement of the upcoming
upgrade of their flag-ship product Net.Criticism 1.0 this week and were met
with a less than hesitant response by their core-customers. Apart from the
rhetoric of progress implied in the '2.0', the specifications seem to offer
little that NC 1.0 did not have, and it is questionable whether higher
RAM-requirements and biblical bandwidth will offer the solution to the
internal difficulties of this aling giant of mid-90s critical discourse.
Analysts have only just begun to look at the source code of NC 2.0, of
which little has been leaked to the public so far and which yet has to
prove that it is more than a strategic windows-dressing initiative.
Industry observers suggest that Nettime Corp. may have been relying too
much on out-sourcing over the last quarters, and that a more aggressive
approach to NC 1.0 might actually fetch themselves and their customers
higher returns and better quality products.
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