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Re: <nettime> Net Criticism 2.0/network extension

Unfortunately, this is the first and all-too-typical response to criticism
of the "virtual critical vanguard;" ie., charges of
"anti-intellectualism," (as if the bona-fide vanguard is only to found in
the institution -- usually academe). It's been a good ruse for a long time
past... protect us from anti-intellectuals in thy exclusive name only... 

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Jordan Crandall wrote:

> Brad brace:
> I have no intention of sending a rallying call to anti-intellectuals. 
> Quite the contrary.  
> Also: your choice of quotes from my text distorts my position.  I am not
> saying that "the intellectual vanguard is in fact a reactionary
> force..." 

OK; but _it (very often) is!_

> I am only suggesting (as was Ted I believe) that we should be
> brave enough to consider that it might be.  It is like using scenario
> planning, or developing ways to view things from a different
> perspective.

Much much bigger doses of bravery required, if such considerations are
really genuine...

> It is truly a nightmare that my position could be taken to fan the
> flames of an anti-intellectualism or -historicism that is far more
> dangerous than anything I could have imagined.

My nightmare depicts a reactionary vanguard clinging for-all-it's-worth to
inept insular linear historicism... is it time-for-tenure? 

"Culture exercises a sort of terrrorism over people: the formula goes, "I
am poor and intelligent, you are rich but an idiot." And the enterpreneur,
who has always felt a sort of inferiority complex when it comes to
culture, at least in this century, has fallen for it. The is the
motivation behind these people's commitment to culture. At the end of the
day, it means nothing to them."  Giancarlo Politi/Flash Art 98

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