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<nettime> Y2K International Hacktivism Gathering


Within a few hours I have already received support for the idea of a Y2K
International Hactivism Gathering. There is every indication that we will
receive widespread support for this idea. At this point I'd like to make
this a formal proposal to the nettime and infowar community. 

I think it would be ideal if we can agree on a country, city, and date for
the Y2K International Hactivism Gathering before the publication of the
nettime bible so that information about the gathering can be included in
the book

to get the ball rolling....i'll make this proposal
if someone comes up with a better idea, then say it

Y2K International Hactivism Gathering (IHG)
December 29, 1999 to January 2, 2000
New York City

Bury Dead Media and Dead Religions @Noon, December 31, 1999

Global Net Action, 12:01 a.m., January 1, 2000
Live Netcast From FakeShop

First Y2K IHG Planning Meeting
@The Next Five Minutes Conference
March 12-14, 1999, Amsterdam


1) I think the dates are good. Dec. 29, 1999 is a Saturday. Most people
will have this time off work. This gives us 5 days of gathering. we meet.
we discuss. we drink. we party. we take action the minute we enter the new
millenium. no hesitation. no waiting. real-time. 

2) I think the location is good. NYC is one of the cheapest places for
Europeans to fly to in the U.S. Customs seems more lenient here. NYC has
symbolic value for the global information economy. NYC is regularly
showcased as a site on New Years when the stupid ball from Times Square is
dropped. It has half way between California and Berlin. Main disadvantage
to NYC is that it is difficult to house people for free as spaces are
expensive and tight. I would starting booking cheap hotel space now.....
But FakeShop is here. The Thing is here. Rhizome is here. We have
infrastructure that we can misuse

3) Just prior to the end of this millenium, we host a special ceremony in
which we bury dead media and dead religions. On January 2, after the
passage of the millenia with no apparent rise of a messiah or other stupid
religious predictions, we announce the end of religion and the rise of the
digital spirit. (or some other such offbeat proposal)

4) We keep the Global Action a secret for suspense and strategic purposes.
Perhaps final decision on the action won't happen until during the first
days of the gathering. Figure it out in the moment. We can begin FTF
discussion at Next Five Minutes in A'dam in March. 

5) The time for the action is perfect. 12:01 a.m. Within the first minute
of the new millenium.....doesn't that seem to be the ideal time? 

6) For those who do not know, Fakeshop is a warehouse space in Brooklyn
from where sampled and remixed live performances are netcast via CUSeeMe.
We could also have a distributed netcast Global Action from various sites
within NYC. For example The Thing might even be better because their T1
lines account for smoother video transmission. There are other locations. 

7) Finally, this gathering will be a continuation of the merger and
synthesis among people and machines in the net.hacking, net.activism,, and hence net.heart commnuities.... 

Whaddya think?

- Stefan Wray
The Electronic Disturbance Theater

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