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<nettime> hacktivism (noll), bank runs (wray), 1/1 or 12/31 (dvornik)

Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 23:03:59 +0200
From: udo noll <>
Subject: Re: Hacker Active Matrix; a liberal?: Y2K Internat'l Hacktivism Gathering?

Stefan Wray:
> Check out recent interview with Active Matrix
> I really don't like his definitions of "hacking" and "cracking"

wich could mean that it isn't compatibel with your specific context and
why should the lonesome performance of smashing remote memory stacks
relate to some political motivation? do you remember your feelings when you
discovered grandma's basement first time? Didn't it change your life?
/me: core media exp 
// -->

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Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 01:32:43 -0400
From: Stefan Wray <>
Subject: Texas Bankers Fear Bank Runs in 1999


Banks are paranoid about a run on the banks toward the end of 1999.
Let's play with that fear and support Solution Industries call for
International Bank Withdrawal Day

- Stefan

Gary North's Y2K Links and Forums 

                            Summary and Comments

                              (feel free to mail this page) 

                1998-09-30 10:02:45
                Texas Bankers Fear Bank Runs, Proclaim Readiness


      A meeting of bankers in Texas heard a warning of bank runs to
come in 1999. 
      One banker says that the banks must assure customers that the
banking system will be all right. 
      Pareto's law was invoked: 80% of Texas banks are on schedule. 
      What schedule? Whose? No bank has ever made it to compliance. 
      That's all right. Just tell depositors that it's OK, that if
20% of U.S. banks don't make it, and (say) 50% of Europe's, and (say) 80% of
Asia's, and (say) 99% of Latin America's, there's still No Big Problem.  Tell
them this in late 1999, in the middle of the worst recession since the 1930's,
which it is likely to be. 
      Giving depositors "good y2k news" on the banks in the middle of
next year's recession will be like putting rouge on a corpse. It only cheers up

                This is from EXPRESS.COM (Sept. 28). 

                * * * * * * * * * 

      Bankers should be prepared for consumers to withdraw their
money in anticipation of the effects of the Year 2000 computer glitch, the
state's top bank regulator told industry leaders Monday. 
      Federal and state banking regulators expect some consumers to
pull their money out of banks prior to Jan. 1, 2000, Texas Banking Commissioner
Catherine Ghiglieri said. However, she added the industry has made great
strides to deal with the computer bug. 
      "There will be some folks who decide to take their cash out,"
said Ghiglieri, who was in San Antonio for the 24th annual convention of the
Independent Bankers Association of Texas. However, consumer education should
prevent massive withdrawals, she said. 
      Still, the Federal Reserve Board has put in an order for extra
currency and banking regulators have advised lending institutions to keep
additional cash on hand for the turn of the century, according to Ghiglieri.... 
      The banking industry nationwide is considered among the
best-prepared to deal with the problem. Many already have spent millions of
dollars to replace or reprogram their computers. 
      Dick Evans, chairman of San Antonio-based Cullen/Frost Bankers
Inc., said banks must continue to inform consumers of their progress if they
wish to head off massive cash withdrawals. 
      "It's our responsibility not to let that happen," Evans said. 
      Frost has conducted educational seminars on Y2K issues for
consumers and businesses. Officials with smaller local banks said they also are
stepping up efforts to educate customers about the problem. 
      Eighty percent of Texas banks are "satisfactorily" dealing with
potential Y2K glitches, according to a survey completed in May by Texas
regulators. The number is expected to climb higher when regulators conduct a
follow-up investigation next year, Ghiglieri said. 
      Ghiglieri said the state's banks generally are prepared to deal
with the computer bug. However, she said, "We're not promising there will not
be the isolated ATM that doesn't work." Link:

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Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 09:32:09 +0200
From: Srdjan Dvornik <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> Y2K International Hacktivism Gathering

>Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 16:41:28 -0400
>From: Stefan Wray <>
>Subject: <nettime> Y2K International Hacktivism Gathering
>Global Net Action, 12:01 a.m., January 1, 2000
>Live Netcast From FakeShop
>........ we take action the minute we enter the new
>millenium. no hesitation. no waiting. real-time. 

excuse me, but why is everybody thinking that we "enter the new millenium"
at the beginning rather than at the end of the year 2000?


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