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The fundamental value of the Net is still its egalitarian nature -- you
know, any netizen becomes a publisher, artist, politician, curator,
economist, broadcaster, inventor, theoretician...  heralding the era of
the impassioned and informed amateur, and challenging the wiley,
self-serving fraternities of professional expertise. 

What is often promoted as "net-art," "new media art," or "interactive
art," is rarely little more than a regressive attempt to break-off or
corral some particular aspect of the Net's nature/interface and proclaim
that it's now art-to-be-collected-by-museums. (As if by chronicling choice
tokens of its own demise, the western centrist artworld will somehow
reserve the possibility of reprisal?) 

Vital art and artists today are either unnamed or are called something
(anything!) else. These creative energies are not content with idle,
collegial academe proclamations, or critical "positions" wrt to
acolyte-approved publications, or *shudder* hiding behind second-hand
theoretical posturings qua science/technology -- instead, they seek to
directly integrate and influence and contribute to the larger world. And
not as pompous, perverse, professional, privileged art-mausoleum-denizens,
but with the poetry and penetrating perception of pro-active peoples. 

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