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<nettime> call for first net.time meeting (june 95)

[perhaps the first message in which the name net.time was mentioned]

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Venice Biennal
7 - 9 June 1995
Theatro Malibran
2 - 6 pm

The extraterrestrial city consists of islands and communication channels
which shaped centuries of thecnical and artistic work into a beautiful
counterpart of the world. The cultural knowledge which this marine
republic accumalted through international trading, diplomatic connections
and international information networks is of great interest today. The
central questions which circulate around the cultural and economic history
of Venice are of great relevance to the debate concerning internet.
Therefor we are organising a symposium on three days at the Venice
Biennale to discuss the relation and connection between computer based
culture and the grown culture of the city. The context of the Biennale
assures a presence of highly qualified international participants which
will be broadened with a list of invited international guests. Central to
the concept is the attempt to use the potential of the italien cultual
history of city life for the European Techno-Art-Politics.

1. Day: hi-lo
Internet daily transmits electronic data to more than 30 million users in
the Western network world. User groups flock together to become cult
movements which materialise also in means away from electronic media (such
as magazines, fashion, music). We want to discuss what relevance and
impact these cult movements have on the art world.

2. Day: smooth and carved spaces:
Within the internet cities are growing ("digital city", "international
city", and so on) containing city councils, city walls and gates. That
reformulates the question of the city: is a city defined by the market
(the in the "magna graeca" of South Italy alive "agorazei") or is it
defined by technology, such as building walls and resource management?
Based on Italien history, we will develop perspectives for electronic

3 Day: the return of the biologists:
Interestingly, the live metaphor returns into technicaly determined
science at the end of the 20th century. Modells of "artifical living" are
being overloaded with metaphors of genesis and invite to pedantic
fantasies about omnipotency. The use of the "life" metphor in the net is a
chance for linguistic critique and the connection of "net-slang" with
other languages.

The talks are taking place in small groups in the Theatro Malibran. Every
day will conclude with a brief summary of the results which are published
on the Internet. On the last day the results will be passed on to the
press in form of a "Biennale-Charta".

Geert Lovink
Nils Roeller
Pit Schultz

Botschaft e.V
Kronenstr. 3
FRG 10117 Berlin
telfax +30 229 24 29
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