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<nettime.free> Re: many questions!

I mainly lurked on nettime, which was fine for that period, but I
already feel freer to post in this instance, perhaps because I have an
affinity for beginnings... So, thank you for the service.

> 1. Most subscribers were not present at the initial nettime meeting in
> Venice; so how important can that initial mission still be, how much of it
> should be reformulated, or rather: do we need anything like an initial
> mission at all?

Definitely. At some point, I assume, there will be new subscribers,
people completely unfamiliar with the nettime enterprise from the start.
There needs to be some orientation. Otherwise, expect a steady flow of
people looking for places to advertise on the Internet, looking for sex,
stock tips, jokes, weather reports, web site maintenence techniques and
all sorts of other things that people associate with the Internet. Now
if people are satisfied letting the list run off in whatever direction
it may, then that's one thing, but not having any initial statement of
purpose seems like a recipe for immediately watering down this list's
> - nettime-free shall not bring out any kind of printed or even xeroxed
> publications. NETtime, remember?? Do we take this medium seriously or what?
> (there's a damn lot of work to be done here, btw...) If people want to find
> a channel to get their writing published on paper / for money somewhere,
> let them please look for it elsewhere (or create their own forum for this
> specific goal) and not impose their agendas upon those who want to get
> something done *online*. Nettime-free shall try to find different channels
> to distribute important content that is being exchanged here.

Just my two cents: why limit the media? Isn't it possible to take one
medium seriously and still use others? By your argument it follows that,
if they are serious, art museums should not have guidebooks, CDs should
not come with liner notes, and movies should not release soundracks.

> - I would like to ask to have the following line removed from the footer:
> #  nettime.free is not infected with TB or other respiratory diseases
> Why? because this initiative is too important, and shouldn't be trivialised
> by personal vengeance motives, imho - even without TB, nettime-l would have
> created its own other TB-like moderator personality, that's the crucial
> point I guess, and the man has suffered enough from this, I think, even if
> you're not particularly fond of him.



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