Stefan Wray on Mon, 12 Oct 1998 19:05:06 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: <nettime> on moderation and spams

At 02:47 PM 10/12/98 +0100, cisler wrote:
>I'm sticking with nettime (classic).

Me too.

>I find the moderation as it has been
>carried out to be desirable and not heavy-handed.

I agree. Filtering out Antiorp nonsense is fine with me. I don't have time
for jibberish from anonymous sources. There is enough jibberish from
people I know that I have to read. If people think this is against free
speech, now they can read as much nonsensical Antiorp jibberish as they
want on the other nettime list. 

>I don't mind that someone
>is starting a splinter group with a similar name, but I think it is bad net
>etiquette to take a mailing list and automagically sign everyone up as has
>happened with nettime free.

I also agree with this.

For moderators: how did they get the list of subscribers??? Was this not a
private list?  Can you make it so no one can copy nettime-l addresses

>  Because I don't have too much time to read
>eveything and because of the involuntary subscription I have unsubscribed.

Yes.... Why should I have to take the trouble of unsubscribing myself? If
it was "OK" for whomever it was that stole the nettime-l addresses and
then started a new list to subscribe all those people, then I presume it
is "OK" for someone else who knows how to, to simply unsubscribe all those
addresses. Why should we all have to go in there and individually take our
names off? When we weren't asked in the first place? Can someone
automatically take people's addresses off the new list? 

- Stefan

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