David S. Bennahum on Mon, 12 Oct 1998 20:38:15 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: <nettime> on moderation and spams

Stefan wrote:

>Yes.... Why should I have to take the trouble of unsubscribing myself? If
>it was "OK" for whomever it was that stole the nettime-l addresses and
>then started a new list to subscribe all those people, then I presume it
>is "OK" for someone else who knows how to, to simply unsubscribe all those
>addresses. Why should we all have to go in there and individually take our
>names off? When we weren't asked in the first place? Can someone
>automatically take people's addresses off the new list? 

I received a series of idiotic posts from nettime.free, and prompty 
unsubscribed while making a point of calling them assholes.  Assholes 
are people whose brains are located somewhere in their lower colons, 
they exhibit traits of assholeness, such as taking the names on one 
mailing list and appropriating them for use on another mailing list 
without permission.  nettime.free is herby renamed nettime.assholes.  I 
herby submit this post gratefully to moderation.  Oh ye nettime gods, 
kill or forward this post as ye see fit.  Your will is law, and I accept 
it gratefully, for a list without law is a list of nettime.assholes.


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