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<nettime> lies infiltrated into justice

Key subjects: Chaosdays/Frank Buis/Infiltrants/ 
Patijn, Vrakking, Wilting/Policemen

During the eurotop a lot of people were arrested or under suspicion of
being part of a criminal organisation(wetsart. 140). Not only the more
then 300 people that stayed in front of the legalised squat Vrankrijk, but
also on other occasions from 13 until the 17th of june 1997. 

As a prank some people made flyers about "chaosdays in Amsterdam". 
Painting the old palace pink, but also more extreme measures against the
neo-liberal/anti-human being actions from all the countries in the
european union would be taken like putting the dutch bank into flames.In
an interview about the eurotop The mayor Patijn togheter with Head of the
justice department Vrakking called all the people at the Vrankrijk first
signs of the big thing that would come. What they didn't say was that the
Chaosdays agenda was allready empty, three days of destroying the city
were over and all that happened was that some people trew rocks through
some windows at a police office and that only 12 people were arrested
throughout all the demonstrations. After the last day of the Amsterdam
treaty meeting almost all people were set free. some sewed the city and
won but one person lost........ 

Frank Buis was arrested for arrowsing people calling some officers "pigs"
and "fascists". He was found guilty and thought of going into appeal.
While working at Myster tv, a local commercial station, he recieved a
video tape showing the true happenings of the moment he got arrested.
While always denying the accusasions the judge believed the two police
officers and that was the end of it. Until now. Frank went to the police
office and showed the tape. They said to him to keep it quiet, not going
to the press with it and he would get 2000 gld($1000).  At the same time
he still got a police record for something he did not do. He accepted the
terms. Why? Cant figure that one out. He said the two policemen would
loose their jobs,but woudn't that be a good thing. After two months
waiting for the money and still not recieving anything he told his story
to the local tv sation AT5 in which K.Wilting the PR man of the Amsterdam
police went totally ballistics about accusations against them about

One of the stockholders is a national paper called "Het Parool". They did
not write anything about this case. Same with all the other papers, while
most of them have their headquarters in Amsterdam. While the eurotop was
in Amsterdam they all wrote about all the "bad punks coming to our nice
city" every day. On the national television stations they talked about the
demonstrations. Why didn't they report about this case.  Policemen have
lied on the stand using the word "fascist". Saying this word was used
against them while it's not the case. How may cases have been won in this
manner? And why does no big politician stand up against the way this
happened and i am sure happenes. 

After most demonstrations that burst out in short pieces of anger the
demonstraters are the once that are being blamed. Television and
newspapers show images of punks and alternative looking people throwing
rocks or screaming. Why do they never show the policemen with their big
stick hitting someone? 

After the eurotop was over a demonstration was held against the use of
"paragraph 140" (suspcion of taking part in a criminal oganisation). 
Working for the radio i thought it was a good idea to take my recorder. I
also took a camera to take pictures of infiltrators. They are easy to see,
believe me. First i stood in the midlle of a big crowd so they did not see
me.  When i walked alone behind the palace i saw another group and took my
camera. One of them all of a sudden yelled:"Take one picture and i'll kick
your ass, motherfucker". Of course he wanted me to react so they could
take me away. I later thought that this is the way it happenes. I
react,they can book me, people see that happening and react. So now who
are the bad guys? 


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