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<nettime> Re: Gabber is dead

hello sean,

In the story i wrote i did not compare punks with gabbers. 
I wrote that old frustrated "oi" punks came,
same with yups to get frustrations out.Oi punks 
stand and stood for stupid "exploited"punks who drank to much 
and only politics is "fuck the world".
No comparison at all with gabbers.
But if that was the case.
How many punks actually stood out for their inteligence?
And about a high education???
There wasnt a uniform at all in the beginning. 
That came later.The far most people
going around 90 till 93/94 weren't 
stuppid farts at all. About the feeling to 
be "ONE" thats true and about the drugs 
same,but let's be for real here,isn't that the case in all subcultures?

p.s: A lot of the people pre-big parties 
quit going. the aggression of the 
faster/harder music atracted the jerks 
who ruined it. yeah gabber is dead.Thats why every party 
atracts more then 40000 people,


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