Drazen Pantic on Tue, 8 Dec 1998 19:09:48 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Yugoslav academic network censors OpenNet

Yugoslav academic network censors OpenNet

The most recent Serbian regime campaign against independent media has
added new layers to their arsenal of existing repressive tools. The
radical party spokesman announced last month that Internet users and
satellite dish owners are being scrutinized by lawmakers. Both groups will
be taxed for having the ability to access independent uncensored

Last week the regime moved forward in that direction.  Users of the
Yugoslav academic Internet network have informed us that access to all
OpenNet sites is censored across Serbian academic Internet centers.
Filters were installed last week in order to disable access to OpenNet
sites. The number of users affected by this measure is huge and consists
of students, professors who have not yet been fired, and researchers of
all universities and institutes in Serbia. This measure was performed
overnight without warning.  The Dean of Belgrade University was personally
informed upon the completion of this blitzkrieg operation. 

Our only answer to this censorship is to start a campaign to mirror our
site and to spread information about sites hosting OpenNet's content.  So
we call upon solidarity action to mirror our www.b92.net site. Join us in
making censorship imposed by the Serbian regime obsolete. 

Information on locations of mirror sites should be sent to

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