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01 . Sylvie Parent             . 6e dition du Magazine lectronique 
                                 du CIAC
02 . r a d i o q u a l i a     . signal overload
03 . FSTV Newsletter           . FREESPEECH: Feature Content for 
                                 December 4, 1998
04 . Gerald O'Connell            . Invitation to join the WebArt debate.
05 . Jaka Zeleznikar             . Interactive Visual Poem Generator

   ................................................................... 01

Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1998 15:51:34 -0500
From: Sylvie Parent <>
Subject: 6e dition du Magazine lectronique du CIAC


La 6e dition du Magazine lectronique du CIAC est maintenant

Vous y trouverez:

   *           Un article sur l'exposition Transarchitectures 02+03
   *           Plusieurs entrevues avec des artistes participant  La
     Biennale de Montral.
   *           Un commentaire sur l'vnement Maid in Cyberspace Encore.
   *           Un texte sur un site  voir: Snarg
   *           Dix oeuvres Web commentes
   *           Un vaste calendrier des expositions/vnements
   *           Des nouvelles brves
   *           Des archives des anciens numros.

De plus, le catalogue de La Biennale de Montral 1998 sera bientt
>totalement accessible sur notre site ! Il comprend un dossier sur chaque
artiste invit, des textes des commissaires, toutes les informations
concernant l'vnement. Ne manquez pas dy jeter un coup doeil de temps

Veuillez noter la nouvelle adresse de notre site (l'ancien URL ne sera
bientt plus accessible):

Vos commentaires sont apprcis.

Merci et  bientt.

Sylvie Parent
Le Magazine lectronique du CIAC

   ................................................................... 02

Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 18:44:54 +0930
From: r a d i o q u a l i a <>
Subject: r a d i o q u a l i a: signal overload


r   a   d   i   o   q   u   a   l   i   a


  [ older schedules deleted by fokky ]

+++ shuffling cables, borrowed dial up lines and crashing computers at
the following remote  performance locations:


1930 - > [ AUS CST ]

2000 - > [ AUS EST ]

1000 - > [ GMT ]

1100 - > [ CET ]

[diasynchronic stuttering*]

[ - Plant Syntax, Level 3, 372 - 8 Ltl Bourke St, Melbourne, Australia
- ]

Doors open at 8pm, $6

acoustic form and text by:

     + farmersmanual     [streamed from Vienna]

     + eset { }

     + sQ^iN.Ch

     + delire

     + lost_time_accident

     + mise en scene [evan harridge, mark feltrin]

supported by:

wiredaudio, toysatellite and r a d i o q u a l i a

.. ..  .. . . :... :: ..   .	. ...   	. ..	.. 	........
.  . :... :: ..
  ... : .. ..        ... .:... ...    .. .  :... :   : ..  


2000 - > [ AUS CST ]

2030 - > [ AUS EST ]

1030 - > [ GMT ]

1130 - > [ CET ]

b r o a d c a s t

[ - Rhino Room, Adelaide, Australia - ]

doors open 8pm.  $6 entry.

sound and performance soiree available from the buffered broad cast

spoken word nibbles and rhythmic drinks. interfacing dubfunk edges with
excursions in the jungle and other interesting dark and humid places


     + catalyst 

     + georgiedaisy

     + 3 jane

     + satori

     + jane

     + clare

     + a'lasin

skin protection ensures major UV deflection

while participating in sun worship

.. ..  .. . . :... :: ..   .	. ...   	. ..	.. 	........
.  . :... :: ..
  ... : .. ..        ... .:... ...    .. .  :... :   : ..  




if you wish to terminate these messages, please write to:

			b l ip

	+ -

   ................................................................... 03

Van: FSTV Newsletter <>
Aan: <>
Datum: zaterdag 5 december 1998 19:01
Onderwerp: Feature Content for December 4, 1998

>This is the newsletter for December 4, 1998.  You are
>receiving it because you signed up for membership at
>Normally, this newsletter is weekly, but due to technical problems, I
>sent one in a while.  For more on the technical matters, see the final
>item in this document.  In the meantime, allow me to introduce (or
>re-introduce) myself.  I'm Joey Manley, your content maven, community
>coordinator, and online host.  All matters relating to the content of the
> suite of websites should be directed to me,
>  Technical support questions and comments should
>be directed to
>The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you updated on what we're up
>to, and to point you to some of the more interesting content posted to
> by our members (um, yourselves).
>ITEM: World-wide Assholes
>Mike Harris is an asshole . . .
>. . . he's also the conservative Premier of Ontario . . .
>And for you Aussies, here's a chance to send anonymous email to Pauline
>Hanson, the radical right-winger:
>ITEM: Ex-YU Press
>>From the site:
>"The role of media in the making of foreign policy has recently received
>a lot of attention. Lurid pictures and reports of unspeakable attrocities
>prod the 'experts', public and politicians into action. The Yugoslav
>conflict is perhaps one of the best examples of the media influence in
>our global village. The images and articles appearing all over the world
>have usually painted a very simplified picture of the conflict.
>the crisis, the opinions coming from the Yugoslavs have been filtered and
>interpreted, thus denying direct access to the ideas and facts coming
>ex-Yugoslav lands. The purpose of these pages is to try to offer direct
>access to the (translated) articles from the Croatian, Yugoslav (Serbian
>Montenegrin) and Bosnian press."
>ITEM: Free Speech TV Commemorates the Universal Declaration of Human
>Television is extremely effective when it comes to promoting comsumer
>behavior, but can TV be a tool for citizen action?  Join FSTV (our
>cable sister project) for Just Solutions: Campaigning for Human Rights,
>an 18 1/2-hour television series commemorating the 50th anniversary of
>the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
>And don't stop there.  Check out the Just Solutions Human Rights
>Advocacy Kit, now available online at
>This kit contains just solutions that you can take in ten minutes or
>less; direct actions to stop human rights violations once and for all.
>For the complete Just Solutions television line-up online:
>If you'd like to watch these programs on your local PBS station, visit
>PBS online at and call for local listings.
>ITEM: Tai Chi Chuan
>>From the site:
>"Share in learning this ancient Chinese art of moving meditation...for
>health, spirit, and self-defense. Lesson #13, featuring the postures of
>Step backward/parry and punch, Forward step/Grasping birds tail, and
>Single whip, is now online"
>ITEM: Resistance is What They Are Hacking For!
>"This website is dedicated to all the hackers who use their work to fight
>against injustice, oppression, racism and censorship. There are still too
>many hackers who work on a server night and day until they get root
>and then they post messages like "I was here !!!" instead of a message
>with more content. Thousands of people will visit a hacked website, even
>newspapers and TV will pay attention on it, so why don't they post
>something intelligent. The best example for an intelligent hack was the
>famous Yahoo-hack by P4NTZ/H4GiS in 1997, the whole world paid attention
>it. P4NTZ/H4GiS claimed to free Kevin Mitnick, a hacker who was arrested
>1995 for a crime he did not commit. Now many people know about Kevin and
>the campaign to free him will go on. Here you'll find some good examples
>for websites which got hacked by people who want to get a message
>ITEM: Featured RealAudio and RealVideo Programming
>Chumbawumba: Saviors or Sell-Outs?
>-A hostile interview with the band by some folks from E.G. Smith
>Anarchist Press.
>Gay News Network # 9
>-The latest installment in the quarterly gay and lesbian-themed series.
>We're Here to Stay
>-Fighting hate in Washington State
>Crack the CIA # 17
>-Cocaine and the Contras, Part One
>The above RealAudio programs require RealAudio 2.0 or better and at least
>a 14.4 modem connection to the Internet.  RealVideo programs featured
>above require RealPlayer 5.0 or better and at least a 28.8 modem
>to the Internet, though they are optimized for speeds as high as 200 K.
>Download free software for playing the above files from
>Many of you may have noticed that the server has been
>operating at less than optimal performance lately.  That's because of
>the amazing leap in popularity we've made since we began to host member
>content back in August.  At that time, we had about 1000 visitors a day.
>We're now seeing up to 25,000 visitors/day.  This is great, and we're
>very happy about it.  But our infrastructure is overwhelmed.  If we don't
>get more resources soon, we may end up with no server at all--just a
>molten heap of plastic and silicon.  Um.  Not really.  Never fear!  We
>have a plan.  That plan involves you.  Please consider upgrading
>your membership to paying status, so that you can help us keep our
>project--and your content--running smoothly, forever.  In addition to the
>knowledge that you are helping keep this project at peak performance, you
>will also get a considerable amount of extra stuff--like more server
>space, an email address, more bandwidth--any number of perks are
>Stop by and take your pick.  We
>appreciate it.
>To be removed from this mailing, send email to
>the word "Remove" in the subject line, followed by your email address.
>Joey Manley
>Director, Free Speech Internet Television
>"Excess ain't rebellion.
>You're drinking what they're selling."
>"How Do You Afford Your Rock and Roll Lifestyle?"

   ................................................................... 04

Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 18:58:19 +0000
From: "Gerald O'Connell" <>
Subject: Invitation to join the WebArt debate.

Invitation to join the WebArt debate.

Is the WWW a new medium for art ?
Is the WWW the basis for a new artform ?

These are critical questions now for anybody involved
in creative activity and the Internet. An international 
group of artists at  has addressed these 
and related issues recently with the publication of the 
WebArt Manifesto and the creation of a new WebArt Gallery.

In order to foster public debate of the issues, and to 
give an opportunity for all shades of opinion to be 
represented, the WebArt Forum has been opened at
where you are now invited to participate.

We would be grateful if you could review R2001's 
initiatives in this field, offer your critical 
response through the channels mentioned, and give as much 
publicity as you can to the efforts we are making to 
stimulate discussion of these matters.

To assist you in gaining familiarity with our activities, 
here are some of the key locations involved:

WebArt Mainpage

WebArt Manifesto

R2001 WebArt Gallery

The WebArt Files

WebArt Forum

   ................................................................... 05

Date:  Fri, 11 Dec 1998 00:56:35 +0100
From: Jaka Zeleznikar <>
To: Multiple recipients of <>
Subject:  ann! ...  Interactive Visual Poem Generator

Dear announcerist

If you like text based/literature net art:

Interactive Visual Poem Generator

best regards
Jaka Zeleznikar

more info:
Interactive Visual Poem Generator - IVPG
is a part of bigger project of net literature
(yet not finished) called ABERRATION, but it
can function for itself.
Help is not functioning yet (but you won't
need it anyway at this phase of the project).

I hope you will enjoy IVPG!


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