A. Jenn Sondheim on Fri, 11 Dec 1998 21:16:27 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> (passed on from Jennifer)


why i'm dead meat, by jennifer

Republicans ooze from their heads what is left of soul's rubbish i could
not stand to be in a room with one of them they are objects for me, they
reek of flesh gone sour i would be a lichen to their rock, corroding their
violent granite they would kill everyone with guns and they are all white
men, every last one of them, no matter what drear affirmation. white men
filled with dead pus: they stomp the children of the poor, rape pollution
laws, guarantee we'll drown the world in poison. we're raped with rusted
guns from world war two three four, while they fight the righteous fight
against women sex longing - holding dead children on sticks to slap us
with, banner banner big money big money. i couldn't stand to party with
righteousness i couldn't stand to fuck righteousness but their holes are
closed they have no holes, shit leaks from their mouths, piss leaks from
their eyes, they write vomit they are a real danger, never forget this,
behind words are guns and mobs and real men, you never forget a real man
when you look into his dead dead eyes, when you see a Republican on the
road, kill it, it is not quite human. 

- Jennifer


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