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<nettime> FN's list of India-related mailing lists

Compiled in public interest by Frederick Noronha
Freely reproducable. Credit appreciated.

Here are some Indian mailing lists that I am aware of.
If you wish to join any, just write to the owner below
Caution: Some lists might not be active as of now...

Some lists which the compiler is/has been part of, and
would not hesitate to recommend:
CYBERCOM / Cyber Community of India List
   Meant to promote Internet in India.
   My view: this is a good and useful list...
SASIALIT / Literature of South Asia 
   and the Indian diaspora
INTERACT-INN / All India mailing list
LINUX-INDIA / To promote Linux in India 
LINUX-INDIA-HELP / Tech assistance over Linux
   For those interested in improving the public
   health action in India (and other developing
TWIN / Technical Writers of India Network
BANGALORE-TALK / Discussion of 
   B'lore-related issues
IL-ENVIRONMENT / IndiaLink Environment
   Meant for those concerned about the
   environment to discuss green issues.
IL-TRIBALS / IndiaLink Tribals
   To discuss tribal rights' issues.
SAJA / South Asia Journalists Assn, US
   (List can be rather high volume)
FOIL / Forum of Indian Leftists
BJPWatch / BJP Government Watch

These are some this compiler is  personally 
associated with:
GOANET/ Mailing list to discuss Goa
GOANEWS/ News-only mailing list from Goa
SALIGAONET/ First-ever list for an Indian village
   Saligao is a village 8 kms from Panaji, Goa.
BOBNET / Ex-students' network for 
  St Britto's High School in Goa
GOA-RESEARCH-NET / For academics,
   researchers working on Goa or interested
   in studying this region
   (Note: This is not a general purpose list,
   membership open only to serious researchers(
INDIA-EJ / List for Indian journalists who
   write on the environment
THIRDWORLD-EJ / List for Third World 
   journalists who write on the environment.

These are some located via Internet searches:
Am not aware about whether the same are 
functional or inactive. Any updates, suggestions
would be much welcomed by

ARCH-I/ Indian Architecture Discussion list
ASHA / Funders of NGO educational projects in India
BUDDHIST/ Forum on Indian and Buddhist studies
FACULTY / The Academics of Indian Origin Network
FROI-L / UA System - Friends of India
IBTC-L / India Business Technology Consurtium
ICE / Indian Cultural Exchange
   The Immigration Law Forum of India Network Foundation
IN-ALUMNI  / AIESEC India Alumni list
INDIA / Indian Student Association
INDIA-D / India Network Discussion Digest
INDIA-E / India Economic News Digest
INDIA-H / India Network Headlines News
INDIA-L / India News Network Digest
INDIA-LIS / Library and Information Science in India
INDIA-LM / Legalminds India List
INDIAN-ART  / The Indian-Art List
INDIAN-FILM / Music & Entertainment
IPSA  / Indian Pakistan Student Organisation
ISA / UTA Indian Student Association
ISA-SDSU / Indian Student Assn at SDSU
PR-AIME / Public Relations list for Asia, India, ME...
   Rutgers Indian Graduate Students 
   Association (RIGSA) List
SANGEET   / Classical Music of India
SPICMACAY  / Promotion of Indian
   Classical Music and Culture amongst Youth
TEST-L / The India Network Test List
UNT-ISA  / Indian Student Association
XLRI-L  / Xavier Labour Research Institute
   Jamshedpur, India students


Other misc lists:

   Promises "tips, guidelines, solutions to
   your queries through email". Free newsletter.
   Endeavours to address concerns of businessmen
   to do business in India "one of the world's
   largest markets". or

   To address problems faced by India from a systems
   point of view (as a technical problem, rather than
   political or social).

IL-TOURISM / To discuss concern-areas
   that arise from tourism in India

IL-BIOTECH / Biotechnology discussion

IL-CHILD-LABOUR / Child-lab issues

IL-GENDER / gender issues

IL-WFS-LOG / Women Features' Service

BBS/  List to promote Internet in Goa

GCSP / Goa Computers-In-Schools Project
   Aim: promote computer education in
   schools in the state of Goa.


Thanks to Srinivas P <> for this
There's a comprehensive list of mailing-lists at:
Mailing-lists related to India are increasing every day,
and new lists are being allowed to form very easily at or
Says Srinivas:
It is advisable to have small number but effective mailing lists.
In my opinion the biggest and very effective mailing lists are
the ones managed at
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