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<nettime> USENET: Completely Shot To Hell

[I love colloquialisms. "Shot to Hell" was one my Father used frequently]

I really had a good laugh today after reading stuff that was so racist and
such a caricature, it was funny. 

Below are examples of why the USENET is now almost useless (except for the
technical newsgroups, and the few that are moderated). 

These posts come from the newsgroup soc.culture.african.american (there is
another group called soc.culture.african.american.moderated, which filters
this stuff out). 

My main concerns with this are: 

1. People who are new or inexperienced on the net think that this
   is what all of the Internet is like. 

2. The media write stories about the net based upon this type of 

3. Researchers are writing academic cyber-sociology books based
   on their observations of what happens on the USENET. I consider 
   any research that is based upon USENET observation invalid.

Here's an example:

Communities in Cyberspace
Marc Smith and Peter Kollock (editors)
Forthcoming (1998)  London: Routledge

Here's a relevant section in the book:

Reading Race Online: Discovering Racial Identity in Usenet Discussions
Byron Burkhalter (UCLA, Sociology)


/* Written  1:13 AM  Dec 27, 1998 by in */

On Mon, 28 Dec 1998 06:52:57 -0600, Billly <> wrote:

>Apologize for what!   When are you honkies going to apologize to
>African-Americans for over 400 years of slavery; for raping, murdering,
>torturing, and all other atrocities committed to us by you!
>For depraving us of jobs, of decent neighborhoods, and a decent way of life.
>Hellno, I won't apologize.  Would you apologize to me for making a mistake?
>Hell no!

Fuckin' Nigger, everything is the white mans fault! Typical monkoid nigger
response, you fucking run your own race in the ground and turn around and
blame anyone else. Stand on your own two feet and MAKE something of
yourselves, and BTW you can put that extended welfare-beggin hand back in
your pocket. 


/* Written  2:55 PM  Dec 29, 1998 by in */

Silly Nigger thug boy wrote:

> Whiteboy stop talking about your stupid self.    It's amazing to listen to
> all of the insults that you honky, inbred, trailer-trash crackers like to
> talk.     Talk a lot of shit and don't know a fuckin thing.  You illeterate
> piece of shit.  No wonder you bitches are so upset, you've got little dicks
> and your women are running from you like the plague.  They want a 'real' man
> not a little poor ass, little dick white boy.   You must've worked all year
> to get your little pc for Xmas.   Poor little, poor-ass in-bred, trailer
> trash cracker.

Listen up nigger monkey boy cause I'm not going to waste time telling you
twice.  I have smoked crack, and I have called in sick to work a few too
many times. But I don't fuck and/or shoot anything that moves. I know what
soap is for. I speak english well. I pay my taxes and obey the law 90% of
the time. I don't whine and piss and moan that someones elses ancestors
screwed my ancestors. I make what I can out of my life, and do pretty
well, so don't ever compare me to a nigger again. And I am not inbred
trailer trash you stupid piece of shit jigaboo, I'm kind of proud of my
ancestry, even though it's on the mutt side. And I live in a three bedroom
two bathroom house in the subburbs. I made 62k$ last year, how much did
you make and where do you live monkey boy? I talk shit to you beacause
that's how you post. If you reply intelligently to me, I'll talk to you
like a man, but keep playing nigger games, and I'll keep slapping you
down. I doubt you are capable of calm intelligent conversation, but you
could try to prove me wrong. If you come back with the same hateful shit
you always do, everyone will see what a fool you are. 

As to the size of my dick, it's average, and it's worked well for me with
women of different races. And my wife and I have been married for fifteen
years, and she isn't planning on running anyplace, as long as I keep a
good roof over her head and don't beat her or try to pimp her out like a
nigger man would do. And I'm posting from a 5k$ gateway d6 300 system that
I worked my ass off to afford. What kind of piece of shit system do you
have?  SEE YA! 


/* Written  5:11 AM  Dec 28, 1998 by in */
/* ---------- "TNB (Typical Nigger Behavior)" ---------- */

Trial near for boy accused of murder

By Kirk Loggins / Tennessean Staff Writer

Terrence McLaurine has grown up in the Juvenile Court Detention Center. 

He was 12 years old when he was charged, in January 1997, with joining a
17-year-old friend in shooting a man to death during a cocaine deal. 

Terrence, a small child who looked even younger than his age, became the
youngest person ever to be prosecuted for murder in Davidson County. 

Full story at:

I recommend you read it. It gets even better/worse, depending on your
point of view. 

I suppose you coons are going to say "It takes a village". In reality, "It
takes a prison". 

Unlike the energizer bunny, the jungle bunny is going no where fast.


/* Written 12:28 AM  Dec 29, 1998 by in */
/* ---------- "Why do I have to scroll way down to" ---------- */ wrote .......

>That's my nigga, Bull! You sure know how to tell the truth.
>   <Bull scrolled down for about 10 minutes to get to:>
>About yourself............................

Damn, boy, you wasted my time, again!  I'll have to make up for it by
lynching two niggers tonight: you and maggie.  Get ready to hold your
breath for a long time, boy! 

Bull Connor


/* Written  6:13 PM  Dec 29, 1998 by in */
/* ---------- "To Mr. Bull Connor from fatelvis" ---------- */

B9 said it best: Hate is the most sincerest form of LOVE.
Take a vacation.
Turn off your computer and go do something fun.

I could be a math teacher (I'm certified) if I wanted to be, but after
working in a nigger school I'd prefer to depart knowledge to only those
people who really want it. 

It doesn't matter what color, race, or nationality the students are. I
would truly love it if black children would take an interest in academics.
My experience tells me they do not want this. I've tutored talented Black
children who were talented in mathematics. I've tutored talented Black
children who were not talented in mathematics. There is a Black upper
class! The Black upper class wants their children to succeed in the WORLD!
And they have paid me well to school their children. I do not hate all
Black people. Niggers will not understand this. My own children are a
mixed breed. My Daughter has at least one drop of black blood. My X is a
Mulatto or octoroon or less than that. She is Hispanic and her absent
father was a Mulatto. How typical! 

I do not want my children raised in the African-American (read nigger)
tradition. I'm White! I joined the Peace Corps (Honduras 1981-1985) and
learned the ways of the world. 

Now I'm a single Father raising three children by myself with no child
support, AFDC, Food Stamps or Government Assistance what so ever. I have a
Master Degree in Education certified in Secondary School mathematics. I
have an undergraduate degree in Geography and Philosophy. 

If I could actually teach in public schools, I could make $35 grand a
year. As it is I'm lucky to make $17 grand a year. I will not babysit
stupid niggers and be strong armed to pass them when they do not deserve

I have my standards! 

Drop me an e-mail via dejanews. Prove you are the real B.C. and I'll share
more shit with you. 

Bull Connor, we love you. Take a break. Come back. Kick NIGGER ass! 


/* Written  6:46 PM  Dec 29, 1998 by in */
/* ---------- "Why black men like white girls" ---------- */

For centuries, white women have been the standard of beauty world wide.
Black men love white girls because the ones they get ahold of are so
stupid they think that being with a nigger is like a fashion statement.
These stupid white girls claim that the niggers treat them better, they
like their 'thug' attitudes and the big dick shit really makes a nigger
feel good. So many black women are fat and ugly, that even the fattest
white girl is appealing to a nigger. Don't get me wrong now, there are a
few pretty black women out there, like Vivica Fox, Halle Berry but I doubt
you see girls like that in da 'hood. Rather, you find greasy mammoths
wearing shower caps and slippers, with crack-pipe chapped lips and the
attitudes of Oprah Winfrey and Nell Carter combined. I have no sympathy
for white girls who run with niggers who end up hurt and alienated from
our race. "Once they go black they never come back" is the saying, but in
reality they're not wanted back because they are then 'tainted.' For all
you niggers and mud-sharks who want to reply about me not having a big
penis or not being able to pick up white women, I'll have you know I've
had more women than you niggers have fathered kids out of wedlock. I'm in
my 30's, married with kids, so chasing females is not my game anymore. I
just stick to posting the truth which pisses so many of you damn niggers
and race traitors off. 


/* Written  6:04 PM  Dec 29, 1998 by in */
/* ---------- "Have Gun, Will Travel" ---------- */

"Have Gun, Will Travel" should be the white man's new motto for the
inevitable upcoming 'RAHOWA.' Let me explain it to you niggers out there.
The war has actually already begun. You niggers can relate to the phrase;
when you're out car jacking innocent white folks you have guns and you
'travel.' The white patriots of the war have guns, and many will travel to
your rat infested ghettos to wipe your asses out. No, not all of us will
hide behind a computer screen like this, and yes it is for real. Already,
we supply you dumb niggers with enough drugs and guns to do most of the
job yourselves. The funniest part about that is when you niggers are out
claiming this conspiracy theory WE all just IGNORE and LAUGH at you!! 


/* Written  9:48 PM  Dec 29, 1998 by in */
/* ---------- "African-American Heroes" ---------- */

Here's a list of some of the greatest African-American heroes and role
models of all time: 

Rev. Al Sharpton
Marion Barry
Wayne Williams
O.J. Simpson
Michael Jackson
Bryant Gumble
Rick James
Don King
Mike Tyson
Snoop Doggy Dog
Tupac Shakur
Notorious Big
Aunt Jemima
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown


The USENET, I love this network!  :-|
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