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01 . philip pocock   .   1/2 professorship
02 . quirk   .    >> IDIO-AUDIO Radio >>
03 . Robin Hamman   .   Cybersociology Magazine Issue Four - Updated Contents
04 . Marie-Jose Klaver   .   Infopeace
05 . Keith Sanborn   .   slightly less blatant self promotion
06 . Sinisa Rogic   .   ZAGREB ART ATTACK u Cinema REX-u

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Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 16:05:46 +0100
From: philip pocock <>


my first posting to nettime and a good reason to join the fray:

the design faculty of pforzheim university, aka hochschule fuer gestaltung
technik u. wirtschaft fachhochshule pforzheim, is re-posting in *die zeit*
a 1/2 professorship (9 hrs/week) concerned with network
concept/strategy/design/application, with GOOD future perspectives, i.e.
tenure is not impossible in 3 or more years.

i am engaged in the art faculty as a professor. some of you may know of my
collaborative works on the web already.

the advantages of P.U. are that the school is interdisciplinary (in its
mandate) and there is a super hardware infrastructure, i.e. laser
connections between buildings, which are newly cabled with hi-speed
connections (115Mbit?) macpools ( >70 workstations), medialab (8 media
100s), pcpools (>100 stations), big hp unix beasts, unfortunately not
enough linux/php/mysql for my open source taste (but germany is always a
bit behind in supporting the *untested* but *true* and take cover in things
like Oracle and NT at the server end). and

in the faculties linked to the design school - business and engineering -
there are docents for java, profs. for AI, Fuzzy Logic, microelectronics,
business informatics, and lots of usefule links for a truely new
information art and desing fsculty (copyright me)

there is a wonderful (and time-grueling) possibility here for some
individual to get something MEANINGFUL done in .de due, build a lab and new
program and set the new world style academic fusion policy in pforzheim (as
opposed to the spacialized education common in .de) in motion and create
html slaves, code warriors and other net.worker-bees for the rest of us on
the list :-)

the application for the position is due at the school by fax next thursday

the fax number is: 07231 28 6040

the profs. at the design school on the search committee (i am not formally
involved) are: profs. h.g. merz and uli cluss. they are not deeply into
things *net* and so i have elected myself to send this post out. i have
absolutely no decision-making capacity in this search process.

one last note: the person i am told by merz/cluss should have a more
strategical conceptual view and not take a purely technical view of the
network. that is no cop out or excuse for on-line illiteracy, in fact, the
opposite is true. the person must really understand when to use perl, or
php, or javascript/flash/streaming, ascii only, and importantly where
things are heading with our shared chorographic space here. for me that
means an artist ;-) oops i said art, but as a synonym for research.

for more informal info, you can post me, but i don't have a lot of time to
spend since i am only peripherally involved in this search.

CU, philip pocock (

   ................................................................... 02

Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 16:47:08 GMT

[For good luck, forward this magic eFlyer to other interested parties]

JAN 8.

THIS FRIDAY: Experimental Test Broadcast #5

	New this week: I dunno? Do You know? Does anybody Know?

	+++ Plus the usual interactive mayhem!

		IDIO-AUDIO Radio declared "Most fucked up show on the
		'net" by the Toronto Cacophony Society, "Far beyond
		the pale of the mainstream"


   >>>> <<<<

  		     ///  IDIO-AUDIO
... a weekly online  ///     {{ Radio }}      \ /
 conspiratorial salon <----------------------- * -
                                              / \
                        11 PM - 3 AM
  !! Every Friday !!
                            +++ RealAudio
  < PsuedoNeoDadaSitu       +++ MBone
    Interactive             +++ Microradio
    Electrobohemia    >     +++ IRC
                            +++ SpeakFreely
			    +++ HTTP

    ... and new interfaces will be added as the
     IDIO-AUDIO Radio Broadcast Network expands
     like a fungus across all known media.

 psychogeographical unitary urbanism detournement wrapped
 in an enigma of automatic everything.

				Tune in live every friday!!!

                >>>> <<<<

An Idiosyntactix Incident....

			    *   O
			     I I
			* r a d i o *
			     U I
			    A   O
			   *     *

			    r   *
			     a I
			* A U d I O *
			     I i
			    O   o
			   *     *

			   *     *
			    A   r
			     U a
			  * I d I O *
			     i I
			    o   O
			   *     *

   ................................................................... 03

Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 11:51:55 +0000
From: Robin Hamman <>
Resent-Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 22:05:07 +0100

Cybersociology Magazine takes a critical look at cyberspace, the internet,
online communities, and life online through the regular publication of
feature articles, book and site reviews, an email list, and hosted chats.

The current issue (4) is the best yet with 11 feature articles, a net art
submission, a site review, and a book review.

Cybersociology Magazine is edited and produced by Robin Hamman, Hypermedia
Research Centre, University of Westminster (London).

For fastest access:
Rest of World:

++++++++++ Feature Articles ++++++++++

* Cyberpunks: A Sociological Analysis With Special Interest In The
Description Of Their Online Activities, By Markus Wiemker at the University
of Aachen RWTH Germany.

* Net Ideologies: From Cyber-liberalism to Cyber-realism, By Francisco
Millarch,   Recent Graduate (MA) of the Hypermedia Research Centre,
University of Westminster, London.

* Will the Technobabble Bubble Burst?, By Rachel Collinson, Post-Graduate
at the Hypermedia Research Centre, University of Westminster, London.

* What Is A Geek?, by Misuba (Mike Sugarbaker)

* Interview with Bruce Sterling, By Zana Poliakov of CK-
CyberKuhinja, Inc. (Cyber Kitchen) in Belgrade.

* Ken Wilber and Cyberspace, By Michel Bauwens of Kyberco
Cyber-Marketing, Paris.

*There are no Last Words Online, By Radhika Gajjala is an assistant
professor at Bowling Green State University, Ohio, where she teaches a
course titled "Communication, Technoscience and Cyberculture".

*Creative Interaction in Cyberspace: the trAce Online Writing Community, By
Sue Thomas, a working novelist and director of the trAce Online Writing
Community (Based online and administrated from Nottingham Trent University,

* Bringing The Net To The Masses: Cybercafes In Latin America, By Dr.
Madanmohan Rao. Dr. Rao is a consultant at PlanetAsia, a web
publishing and internet firm in Bangalore, India. He edits "IndiaLine" and
is on the board of editors for "Electronic Markets" and "On The Internet".

*Revolting Temporary Media Lab: Manchester, England. By Micz Flor, Lecturer
at the University of Salford (UK) and Editor of CrashMedia.

*Notes from the Exploding Media Symposium, by Robin Hamman (email) PhD
candidate at the Hypermedia Research Centre, University of Westminster and
editor of Cybersociology Magazine.

++++++++++ Net Art ++++++++++

*The 12-hour ISBN JPEG Project, By Brad Brace (email) A continually
changing sequence of hypermodern imagery served from dozens of distributed
servers around the World.

++++++++++ Site Review ++++++++++

Portal on Global Digitalization / The Hoechst Triangle Forum
Reviewed by: M. Alan Kazlev, Australia.

++++++++++ Book Review ++++++++++

Knowledge Societies, Reviewed by Ravi Srinivas, India.

Cybersociology Magazine is located at:


Rest of World:

--> take a look at redesigned Cybersoc...

Robin Hamman, PhD Candidate at the Hypermedia Research Centre,
University of Westminster, London.
   ______      __
  / ____/_  __/ /_  ___  ______________  _____
 / /   / / / / __ \/ _ \/ ___/ ___/ __ \/ ___/
/ /___/ /_/ / /_/ /  __/ /  (__  ) /_/ / /__
\____/\__, /_.___/\___/_/  /____/\____/\___/

Carpe Mo-Diem = Seize the Digital Day

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Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 15:50:01 +0100
From: Marie-Jose Klaver <>


Date: 7.1.1999
Press Contacts:

2600: Emmanuel Goldstein, +1 516 751 2600, extension 0
Chaos Computer Club: Frank Rieger,, +49 177 4232323
Cult of the Dead Cow:
L0pht Heavy Industries:

An international coalition of hackers strongly condemns the Legion of
the Underground's (LoU) recent "declaration of  war" against the
governments of Iraq and the People's Republic of China. Citing human
rights violations and other repressive measures the LoU declared their
intention to disrupt and disable Internet infrastructures in Iraq and
China. In a decision that was more rash than wise, the LoU will do
little to alter existing conditions and much to endanger the rights of
hackers around the world.

We - the undersigned - strongly oppose any attempt to use the power of
hacking to threaten or destroy the information infrastructure of a
country, for any reason. Declaring "war" against a country is the most
irresponsible thing a hacker group could do. This has nothing to do with
hacktivism or hacker ethics and is nothing a hacker could be proud of.

Frank Rieger of the CCC said, "Many hacker groups
don't have a problem with Web hacks that raise public awareness about
human rights violations. But we are very sensitive to people damaging
networks and critical systems in repressive regimes or anywhere else.
The police and intelligence communities regard hacking as seditious. It
quite possible now that hackers - not only in totalitarian states - could
jailed or executed as 'cyberterrorists' for the slightest infraction of
the law."

"It is shortsighted and potentially counterproductive," added Reid
Fleming of the cDc. "One cannot legitimately hope to improve a nation's
free access to information by working to disable its data networks."

"Though we may agree with LoU that the atrocities in China and Iraq have
got to stop, we do not agree with the methods they are advocating," said
Space Rogue of the L0pht.

Emmanuel Goldstein of 2600 said: "This kind of threat, even if made idly,
can only serve to further alienate hackers from mainstream society and
help to spread the misperceptions we're constantly battling. And what
happens when someone in another country decides that the United States
needs to be punished for its human rights record? This is one door that
will be very hard to close if we allow it to be opened."

Governments worldwide are seeking to establish cyberspace as a new
battleground for their artificial conflicts. The LoU has inadvertently
legitimized this alarmist propoganda. With its dramatic announcement the
LoU played into the hands of policy makers who want complete control
over the Internet and are looking for reasons to seize it. If hackers
solicit recognition as paramilitary factions then hacking in general
will be seen as an act of war. Ergo, hackers will be viewed as legitimate
targets of warring states.

Strategic combat planning in the United States and among other nations
has reached the point where real-world cases are needed to justify
assigned budgets. The LoU is providing this real-world case now. We
believe that the LoU should carefully investigate the idea of
declaring "war" against China and Iraq.  Was it planted with them by
someone with different interests in mind other than advancing human
rights considerations?

The signatories to this statement are asking hackers to reject all
actions that  seek to damage the information infrastructure of any
country. DO NOT support any acts of "Cyberwar." Keep the networks
of communication alive. They are the nervous system for human progress.

Signed (7.1.1999):

2600 (
Chaos Computer Club (
Cult of the Dead Cow (
!Hispahack	(
L0pht (
Phrack (
Pulhas (
several members of the Dutch Hackers Community (contact Rop Gonggrijp,
Toxyn (

Supporting documents: - The original
declaration of war by LoU

   ................................................................... 05

Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999
From: Keith Sanborn <>

Inspired by recent examples:

I have just published my translation of a collection of Napoleonic maxims
concerning the art of war. The collection, edited by Yann Cloarec, was
originally published in French by Editions Champ Libre in 1973. It yields a
radical re-understanding of Napoleon as a thinker. It has never been
previously translated into English.

The translated maxims are followed by an essay I wrote called "Postcards
from the Berezina," a portion of which appeared on thething as "I am no
longer Virilio." The essay attempts to contextualize Napoleon in an
intellectual history which links Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Kojeve, Bataille,
Debord, and Virilio to Zapatista net warfare. I'd be happy to refer anyone
interested to appropriate sources, or email you a bonified press release.

Keith Sanborn

   ................................................................... 06

Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 12:23:00 +0200
From: Sinisa Rogic <>

sreda, 6. januar 19:00
Schmrtz teatar + Attack + TIH

Grupa Zagrebackih umjetnika i aktivista predstaviti ce nam svoje djelovanje i
djelovanje Zg art scene multimedijalnom veceri "ZAGREB ART ATTACK".
SCHMRTZ TEATAR iz Zagreba, osnovan je 1995  kao "... poligon za izrazavanje
nadrealnih vizija duboko skrivenih u egzibicionistickim umovima posljeratne
generacije". Schmrtzovci su u Hrvatskoj ostavili dubok trag na mladjoj
alternativnoj  sceni svojim nihilistickim spektaklima koje je kazalisna
kritika pozdravila kao autenticnu ekspresiju mladih subkulturnjaka  na njihovo
okruzenje. Schmrtz ce nam izvesti situacionisticki pop-pank mjuzikl "Badnje
vece ".
ATTACK je Autonomna tvornica kulture takodjer iz Zagreba koja fabricira (
producira, promovira i distribuira) alternativnu kulturu u gradu. Kao
inicijativa potekao je iz podzemnih nevladinih organizacija Arkzina i ZAP-a (
Zagrebackog anarhistickog pokreta), te okuplja oko 20 nevladinih organizacija
iz podrucja ekologije, feminizma, zastite ljudskih prava te umjetnosti. ATTACK
ce nam se predstaviti svojim video materijalima te kracim predstavljanjem
svoje strukture, ciljeva te nacina delovanja.
TEATAR INDOS HOMMAGE (TIH) predstaviti ce interaktivnu instalaciju posvecenu
(naravno) Damiru Bartolu -Indosu, osnivacu legendarnog teatra  Kugla .
Instalacija je posvecena njegovom uradku "Konjski rep", koja je nastala 1991 i
prica o ratnom ludilu.

Gostovanje realizujemo u okviru projekta PRESEK - zapocetog '98. PRESEK stvara
nove i ojacava postojece veze izmedju ex-Yu republika, trazi nove pravce i
modalitete daljeg razvoja odnosa i medjusobne razmene sadrzaja iz svih oblasti
umetnosti i kulture, u cilju kulturnog povezivanja u razvijanju medjusobne
tolerancije. PRESEK od presek kroz aktuelna zbivanja na scenama bivsih YU
republika i od presek skupova.

Wednesday, January 6 19:00
Schmrtz theater + Attack + TIH

Group of young artists and activists form Zagreb will present their and
activities of wider Zagreb art scene by multimedia program called "ZAGREB
Members of SCHMRTZ TEATAR, ATTACK = Autonomous culture factory and TEATAR
INDOS HOMMAGE (TIH) - most active participants of Croatian alternative culture
scene - will presented their work trough video projections, concert and

Program is realized as part of the CROSSECTION (Cross-section) - project
started on '98. Trough CROSSECTION we wont to build bridges between
ex-Yugoslav republics again, make already existing ones stronger and to look
for new ways and models for development of cultural exchange and co-operation
among artists, aiming at cultural connectivity and development of tolerance.
CROSSECTION as cut-trough actual cultural productions in ex-YU and CROSSECTION
as their cross-sections.
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