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<nettime> who's watching the listeners?

greets nettimers,

gleaned the following blurb from the WAVE report mailing from....
A brief glimpse at some of those keeping a keen eye on net radio 
the mention of Edison Media brought to mind an alleged conversation 
between Edison and Tesla, in which the boistrous Edison had ridiculed 
Teslas` idealistic aim to provide free electricity and communication for all.
History seems to be rather full of free-minded well-meaning radicals, 
whose achievements end-up in the all-consuming hands that they were 
intended to avoid!

***Survey shows internet radio "a fast-growing medium"
(February 16)

A study released by The Arbitron Company and Edison Media
Research shows that internet radio broadcasting continues to be a
fast-growing medium. The survey of Arbitron diarykeepers also
presented both the challenges and opportunities that the Internet
presents for radio broadcasters, particularly in the much-talked
about arena of e-commerce.

Key findings:                                                     
--Currently, 41 percent of all Americans has access to the
Internet, either at home or at work. (An additional 9 percent of
Americans access the Internet through schools and libraries.)
--Median time spent online is holding steady at 4 hours per week
at home, and 3.4 hours per week at work.
--Online radio/audio listenership penetration has doubled in six
--Currently 13 per cent of all Americans say they have listened
to radio on the Internet. Six months ago, only 6 per cent of the
participants in the survey said that they listened to radio on
the Internet.
--More than one quarter (26 percent) of all online Americans have
used the web for actual shopping. Of those who have shopped
online, 20 percent have shopped frequently for music and CDs, 18
percent for computer equipment, 16 per cent for software, 12
percent for books, travel items and banking services and 11
percent have purchased stocks and mutual funds.
--This past holiday season, 8 percent of all Americans purchased
gifts online. The median household online expenditure for the       
holidays was 175 dollars. Nearly 60 percent of these online
holiday shoppers fell into the 25-44 age group.
--For radio station web sites, 23 percent of consumers say they
would prefer to buy music for radio station web sites, a decided
advantage for an industry that looks to music as its key
programming element.

Arbitron is an international media and marketing research firm
serving broadcasters, advertisers and advertising agencies in the
United States and Europe. Arbitron measures local US radio
audiences, and develops qualitative measures of local US
consumers through RetailDirect and through Scarborough Research,
a joint venture of Arbitron and VNU Marketing Information
good to know somebody is listening?
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