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<nettime> Kosovo

Gone are the times when most of Americans were blessfully ignorant of 
subtle differences between Yugoslavia and let's say Moldavia.  Now, 
many people, save for high-school dropouts, know even where each 
major city belongs - they are able to correctly place Zagreb in 
Croatia, Sarajevo in Bosnia and Belgrade in Serbia.  And even 
tow-truck drivers know Milosevic and they know that he is a bad guy 
and they are all psyched about the upcoming (promised) fireworks.

I doubt that the U.S. will actually bomb Serbia. Americans are 
obviously reluctant to do something that would offend their European 
allies including Russia. And they are also perhaps aware of the 
probable ineffectiveness of such an act. Yet, of course, a superpower 
cannot waver on its promises, i.e. if Milosevic continues to press 
all the wrong buttons, the U.S. might be pressed to do what they 
hesitate to do.

Kosovo Albanian delegation generally accepted the agreement asking to 
be allowed two weeks of consultation with the people before actually 
signing it. Giving up the independence struggle unequivovally might 
be a hard-sell at home, though. Those two weeks however buy time for 
Milosevic, too. 

On top of that, his government decided to add a few days to 
those two weeks, by refusing to allow the plane with Kosovo Albanian 
delegation to land in Prishtina today, showing plainly who is the 
boss. They will have to sleep one more night in Rambouillet and try 
their luck again tommorrow.

Meanwhile, Moamer Gaddaffi asked Lybian students abroad to return 
home, because the nuclear war is approaching with the development of 
the situation in Kosovo.

Oh, and btw, did you know that two snakes in Belgrade ZOO have names 
Madeleine and Christopher?

This event will happen again on March 31; now with Kosovo 
developments, it drawed passerbies attention much more than usual::



on Wednsday, February 24th, in frotn of the New York Public Library, 5th
Avenue (between 41 and 42nd streets)from 5.30 pm until 6.30 pm .

Please wear black cloths.

For further information contact Indira at (212) 598-0954.

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Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 15:25:39 +0100
From: kosovokr <kosovokr@worldnet.fr>
Subject: webstock cyber culture contre genocide

hello peace makers

We are a group of musicians and visual artists (planet generation global
move) based in france @ the moment but have done actions throughout the world.

We will be going to Tirana, Albania on the 6th of March to perform an
all-night peace concert/party for the people of Albania. we support no
violence in any circumstances, and feel that intelligence, culture, and
music can help to clarify the confusion and put a stop to the hate and
massacre mentality that prevails now in the Balkans.

We will have the party on live on Nirvanet, march 6 - 12th. Nirvanet will be
hosting the transmission of not only the party in Albania, but also parties
in San Francisco, NYC, and Paris ... to declare a cyber message of peace ...
In addition on our site there will be a forum that will ... discuss on a
planetary scale the resolutions of justice for all HUMANS.

Please, if possible pass this info on, link us to your site, and even
perhaps put a notice on your cover page (we can send you the graphics
neccessary), maybe a logo of the event with the url. ... We are a non-profit
org but have the financial private support of Madame Mitterand, the widow of
the former president of France.  Please reply to us asap. ...

Thank you in advance for your support. Our main site, (PLANET GENERATION
GLOBAL MOVE) is under construction but we have 2 other sites pertaining to
the actions that we are doing at the moment. Contacts:

planetg@worldnet.fr, kosovokr@worldnet.fr
http://www.lesouvriers.com/kanibals (this is a  live performance being
realised on tour in all francophone countries.

sincere 2 you ,  Androgenius 4  PG2M


Women in Black, Belgrade

Better Pact Than War

The situation in Serbia is once again filled with dramatic dimensions
of a collective psychosis and fear of bombing. The regime in Serbia
= continually manufactures chaos; it feeds off of it and thrives on
it. The regime is using the gravity of NATO's threats as patriotic
euphoria, for an even stronger xenophobia toward the international
community and an even deeper hate toward all people in this country
who support compromise in place of fanaticism and intolerance.

Our civil population is once again subjected to threats of NATO
airstrikes and a new round of mobilization of the Yugoslav Army
reserve units in Serbia and Montenegro. In this "Iraqization" of
Serbia, our civil population will pay the price for the regime's
politics in the event of an armed conflict with Montenegro . . . .

Nevertheless, a growing number of people in this country understand
the degree of the regime's cynicism. All of its moves are
exclusively aimed at remaining in power and never in the interest of
the people and the state.

People are becoming aware that the statements and propaganda of this
regime have nothing to do with its true intentions and steps. This
regime gave in the most when it gave its most severe statements.
People swallowed those statements and when the regime was unable to
realize those statements, it portrayed the entire country as a huge
victim and represented itself once again as the savior of the

We believe:
Signing an agreement at this time is the height of patriotism and
failing to sign is the continuation of killing and destruction;95
Uncompromising fanaticism, from whichever negotiating side, leads to
further unhappiness;95 Compromise still does not mean resolution of
the conflict, but at least it leads to a calming of the conflict and
an end to armed violence;95 Imperfect compromise is far better than
no compromise at all.

On Republic Square, on February 24, 1999 from 3:30 - 4:30, we will
express our support for achieving peace in Kosovo.

Belgrade, February 23, 1999 Women in Black
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