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<nettime> kills & more

1 jun 99


Marcus Omofuma was strangled, Aamir Ageeb's neck was wringed. Both are
the last victims of the ongoing european deportation policy. Both died
in airplanes, both were killed by policemen in the last four weeks. On
1st of May, on the flight from Vienna to Sofia Marcus Omofuma was put in
chains, he was fixed on the seat by tape, which sticked over his mouth.
Despite the protests of other passengers of Balkan Air
<>, who described him as "tied up like a mummy",
Marcus Omofuma suffocated.

Last friday on the Lufthansa <> flight from
Frankfurt to Kairo: During the take-off Aamir Ageeb was pressed by three
policemen to the floor. He was roped on hands and feets. His head was
forced into an helmet. The 30 years old man from Sudan didn't survive
the special treatment by german border police. 

Last sunday a european wide meeting of antiracist groups in Cologne was
shadowed by the two last killings. Delegees from different countries
talked about common strategies in the struggle against deportations and
the european border regime. A first result of the meeting was a call for
direct actions against the companies which make profit on deportations
and accept or support police brutality which leads more and more oftenly
to the death of people whose crime has been not to have regular
permissions to stay. 

Your help is needed and there is a lot, what you can do. Just some

- Send faxes and emails to the airlines, which deport people. Ask them
to stop this practice or you will choose a 'clean' airline next flight!

- Use their online booking system for flying protest!

- Visit their local offices and ask the staff, what they think about the

- Visit the websites of the airlines and develop effective solutions to
stress your disagreement with deportations!

Since Balkan Airlines site seems already to be hacked by themselves,
here some Lufthansa contacts (not just anybody, but those who are
working on investor relations):

Stephan Gemkow
Tel. ++49/221/826-2444
Fax. ++49/221/826-2286

Ralph Link
Axel Pfeilsticker
Tel. ++49/69/696-6470 oder -90997
Fax ++49/69/696-90990

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